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Thongweed Thursday

11 August 2011 | Posted in Marine

Author Ronnie Reed


Look for thongweed on wave swept beaches along the English Channel. During its first year, this seaweed looks like a mushroom on a short stalk growing among the red seaweeds which are normally found on the lower shore. From this button shaped disc grows a long, thin, olive green branching frond which carries the reproductive bodies known as straps. As the straps ripen, they become yellowish with brown spots and once they are shed the plant dies.

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  • 18 Aug 2013 17:28:00

    Today we found a beautiful seaweed on windswept Seaford beach at low tide. It which turns out to be thongweed.

    I’m tempted to cook some and eat it, kit looks so apetising but on the health and safety line, is it edible?

    Best wishes,

    Don Faulkner

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