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Swan rescue

01 July 2014 | Posted in Amanda Reeves , Author , Woods Mill

Author Amanda Solomon

Communications Manager

Roger rescuing the trapped swan / James Power Roger rescuing the trapped swan / James Power

Ive watched plenty of wildlife rescue programmes on TV but nothing compares to seeing a real life rescue.

Roger Musselle from Rogers Wildlife Rescue answered an emergency call to attend the Sussex Wildlife Trust Woods Mill nature reserve this afternoon after a female mute swan became trapped in a drainage ditch.

It was an enclosed space and the swan had been trapped for about two hours so wasnt very happy. Roger climbed quietly down into the water filled ditch talking softly to the swan all the time. Armed with only a pillow case he managed to take hold of the swan and wrap it up with the minimum of fuss leaving its entire neck and head free.

He then scooped the wrapped bird into his arms and climbed out of the ditch and then carried it around the nature reserve until he found the perfect place to release it back onto the pond.

Throughout this entire process the swan remained calm and although there were a few hisses along the way back to the pond, once released she swam away unhurt with just a few ruffled feathers and quite happily began to feed ordeal over status quo resumed.

Nothing would have induced me to climb into a water filled ditch with a swan. I have the greatest admiration and respect for Roger who arrived, did the job and then went on his way not even stopping for a cup of tea.

Sussex Wildlife Trust regularly pass on Rogers details to people who phone us when they find injured wildlife as we dont offer a rescue service ourselves. I feel privileged to have seen Roger at work.

About Rogers Wildlife Rescue

Rogers Wildlife Rescue gives information and help over the phone and internet for free, and runs purely on donations and club members only caring for over 1,500 wild creatures each year.

Check out Rogers Wildlife Rescue website.

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