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, 26 March 2013

squat lobster / Erin Pettifer
squat lobster / Erin Pettifer
Author Sara Ward – Marine Volunteer

This year’s Shoresearch season is set to start next month – a great opportunity to get outdoors, learn about the marine environment and help look after your local coastline.

What is Shoresearch?

The Shoresearch project, originally developed by Kent Wildlife Trust, is a volunteer scheme used to collect information about our local coastlines and has been running in Sussex since 2004.


is closely modelled on the successful Seasearch project, which was set up in the 1990s to collect information about the UK’s sea beds using trained divers. Both Seasearch and Shoresearch have similar aims: to collect a long-term data set and to promote conservation of the marine environment.

What is a Shoresearch Survey?

We plan each survey to run for about two hours during low tide. Our surveys consist of a ‘general walkover’ – a fun way of investigating the environment for any marine wildlife we can find. This includes looking around wooden groynes, sweeping the shallow water with nets and a lot of poking around in rock pools!

We note down everything we come across - as well as how abundant it is in the area. Typically we find lots of marine molluscs, such as periwinkles and top shells, crabs, sea anemones and, of course, plenty of seaweed!

Can I Join In?

Shoresearch welcomes anyone with an interest in the marine environment. We have a wide range of knowledge within the team, but we are all keen to learn and share what we know with others!

We carry out surveys across both East and West Sussex, including sites at Selsey, Littlehampton, Worthing, Brighton and Eastbourne.

Click here if you are interested in joining the team

Don’t forget your wellies!!

Surveying at The Pound, Eastbourne / Erin Petiffer Surveying at The Pound, Eastbourne / Erin Petiffer

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