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Smallest nature reserve in Sussex?

17 February 2014 | Posted in Author , , Wildlife Garden

JamesP_chalkAuthor James Power

Head of Land Management

I recently complained that I don’t manage to visit nature reserves as often as I would like. After pointing at my muddy trousers (a sure sign that I had indeed just been on one), my wife gently pushed me out into the garden and pointed to a bank of bare chalk and to our green-roofed extension and said, ‘So what are they meant to be, then?’

The truth is that these are my pieces of truly personal space: chalk downland in the making and my very own nature reserve. Thirty square metres of bliss! Yes, I could dress it up in terms of connectivity, permeability, living landscapes, ecosystem services or any one of the many other terms that are regularly bandied about in conservation circles, but actually this is about rest and relaxation, a space to enjoy nature, just like any one of the Trust’s nature reserves.

So the upshot of all this is that I will indeed be spending even more time on nature reserves in Sussex, although I suspect a major part of that time will be spent on a rather small patch of downland in the heart of Lewes.


  • Patrick Roper:

    17 Feb 2014 23:51:49

    James, I reckon my Window Box Wildlife Reserve is smaller

  • Henri Brocklebank:

    25 Feb 2014 16:57:14

    Hey Patrick, its virtually a mature woodland now!

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