Seize the day

, 27 February 2015

Author Amanda Solomon

Communications Manager

Woods Mill / Neil Fletcher Woods Mill / Neil Fletcher

Mixed emotions when a member of staff leaves to move on to bigger and better things. Sadness in missing the skills and support of a respected colleague Ė happiness that they are following their desired path in life.

And so it was with the leaving of Charles Roper who has worked in the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre (SBRC) for the past eleven years. SBRC is housed within the Sussex Wildlife Trust offices at Woods Mill, Henfield within a beautiful 33 acre nature reserve.

Charles accepted his leaving card and gift from the staff and then made a short, speech from the heart. He reminded us all never to take things for granted. For him, the thought that his working day would no longer included the opportunity to step outside and enjoy the wonderful experience of Woods Mill nature reserve was something he would miss.

So Charles, if you are reading this, know that today I took your advice to heart and spent 15 minutes of my lunch break outside in the sunshine walking around the reserve listening to the sound of birdsong, enjoying the mallards swimming on the pond, and discovering the spring flowers pushing through.

I havenít done that for at least a year. Thank you.

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