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Searching for the Five-faced Bishop

26 April 2013 | Posted in Uncategorized

Moschatel at Blackcap
Moschatel at Blackcap

The target of today's walk was the curious square-flowered plant the moschatel (or five-faced bishop). It was a bit of a wet start as we headed up onto the Downs from Offham. We spotted the curious slime mould Enteridium lycoperdon (apparently the Mexicans call it 'caca de luna' or moon poo) as well as emerging early purple orchids. At Blackcap the sun came out and we found moschatel in abundance on the woodland floor. Then, after lunch we headed down through Ashcombe Bottom (in my view the 3rd most magical woodland in Sussex). Back on the Downs and we startled a hare - great to watch it tearing off ahead of us. We headed back to Lewes accompanied by yellowhammers, linnets and lesser whitethroats. Thanks to everyone who ignored the forecast and joined me today.

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