School Report

, 19 June 2012

Author Amanda Solomon

Sussex Wildlife Trust\'s Winning Eggheads Team
Sussex Wildlife Trust's Winning Eggheads Team

I enjoyed my time at school. I was very much Miss Average – never top of the class but never had a detention! My memories are of musical productions – couldn’t sing but they were fun – and fantastic religious studies lessons thanks to our teacher Mr Clark who was inspirational without being religious – if that makes sense.

In the 60s and 70s natural history lessons were non existent in my schools, playgrounds were tarmac and our playing field was just a huge area of grass – no wildlife friendly grounds in my day.

Things are very different now and thank goodness for that. £10,000 of money won by staff at the Sussex Wildlife Trust who took part in the BBC2 brain box quiz Eggheads has been dedicated to creating wildlife friendly school grounds at South Malling Primary School in Lewes. The grand opening will takes place on June 21st, with the entire school – all 280 pupils – taking part. And of course, the legacy of the wildlife garden, complete with pond, orchard and hedgerow, will continue over the coming years, helping many thousands of pupils enjoy at first hand the wonders of nature.

I had no hand in winning the Eggheads money (an unbelievable fantastic sum of £37,000 in total) as I was not on the team but I did organise it.

I can still remember the excited phone call from one team member after filming had finished in London, literally screaming down the phone that the Sussex Wildlife Team had won and won big. I must admit I thought it was a practical joke at first.

We are proud to be the first organisation whose players had not kept their winnings for themselves but donated every penny to further the Sussex Wildlife Trusts work in ‘Taking Care of Sussex’.

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