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Poems in the Park

25 July 2012 | Posted in Community , Guest blogger

fox cubs / Hugh Clark
fox cubs / Hugh Clark
Sussex Wildlife Trust is pleased to welcome Jan Wilkins as a guest blogger this Summer. Jan is a Bexhill poet, writing as Jan Hedger.

Hi everyone! Summer holidays are here and a good chance to explore Combe Valley Country Park, and for your children to write a poem or two and enter our exciting poetry competition!

Click here to download an entry form. Closing date: 25 August 2012

See my website at

for judges, prizes, how to enter and terms and conditions.

The sun shone for our family fun day on Saturday and a good interest was shown in the competition. Children went away clutching entry forms and some prompts from me on ideas to write about!

And here they are for you! Showing the versatility of the park and giving plenty of scope for our childrens imagination and hopefully taking the scary word out of poetry!

What to write a poem about?

Bulverhythe beach is part of Combe Valley Park - so you could write a poem about the sea - what is it like? What lives in the sea? Or make up your own creature!

And the beach! Rock-pools - pebbles and shells! When the tide is out - there is squelchy, slurping sand!

The other part of the park is different;

Small rivers run through it - with dragonflies, and snakes sunbathing on lily pads - could be fun writing a poem about dragons and snakes!

broad-bodied chaser / Neil Fletcher
broad-bodied chaser / Neil Fletcher

There are flowers, butterflies and spiders!

Animals - foxes, badgers, bats - write about them as they are or bring them to life - let them speak!

Birds in the trees and bushes - swans, ducks on the water and kestrels/owls looking for mice!

What about the trees?

There used to be trains using the old railway track - you can bring the trains back!

There is a reed-bed making whispering noises in the wind

Paths and bridges to cross the water - is it safe to cross the bridge? Or does something live underneath?

There are football pitches - what about writing a poem about football?

For older children - what about the new cycle track - between Galley Hill and St Leonards? Or tackling the issue of the new link road that will dissect the park.

Remember Stig of the Dump? - has Pebsham tip got its own creature? What about the tip itself? What do you think?

Click here to download an entry form. Closing date: 25 August 2012


  • Bunny Druce:

    26 Jul 2012 07:31:38

    Lovely ideas to trigger the imaginations of children and set them thinking. Wishing the poetry competition great success as I am sure it will be.

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