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Our Most Popular Facebook Photos of 2013

29 December 2013 | Posted in Richard Cobden , wildlife photography

Author Richard Cobden

Digital Media Officer

'A picture paints a thousand words' this saying is especially true when communicating the beauty and importance of nature. Wildlife photos capture someone’s attention and evoke strong emotions. We use photos every day to inspire a love of wildlife and desire to provide a healthy environment for it to thrive in.

On the Sussex Wildlife Trust Facebook Page our community shares many wonderful nature photos, here are the top ten most popular images on our page this year and they provide a unique insight into the wildlife stories of 2013.

#10 Snowdrops at Woods Mill. 6 March 2013


#9 Bittern in Woods Mill reedbed. 19 March 2013

73_Mar19Anisa Bryce

A rare bittern was snapped at Woods Mill reedbed by a visitor read more on our blog.

#8 Poppy fields. 23 June 2013

83_june23 Brian Bastable

Striking fields of poppies bloomed across Sussex in early summer.

#7 Teaching a child . . . 7 August 2013


This Bradley Millar quote struck a chord with our Facebook community.

#6 Sunset at Old Lodge. 1 September 2013

91_sept1 Tom Lee

Tom Lee took this photo of the Trust's Old Lodge nature reserve in the Ashdown Forest.

#5 Photography Competition winner. 26 September 2013

106_sept26 Paul Robbard

Paul Robbard's fox in the snow, was a popular winner in our 'Rain or Shine' photography competition.

#4 Spring at last! 19 April 2013


After what seemed like the longest winter ever, this sign of spring cheered everyone up.

#3 You can't buy a stick at a toy store. 13 November 2013

191_Nov13 Children & Nature Alliance

Concern about the amount of time children spending playing outside was highlighted in 2013 by Project Wild Thing.

#2 Swallowtail butterfly. 23 August 2013

188_Aug23 David Bradford

The hot summer of 2013 was just what our struggling butterfly populations needed, it also encouraged migrants such as this magnificent swallowtail to visit Sussex.

#1 Bottlenose dolphins. 8 August 2013


Sussex Wildlife Trust's Marine Officer, Olle Akesson, spotted this small group of dolphins near Beachy Head. This year also saw the first three Marine Conservation Zones in Sussex announced.

How do I see more images like these?

We’d love to have you join our Facebook community. You can post photos and articles on our Timeline to share and connect with others who care about the well being of wildlife. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and more to stay up to date on the latest news and for more brilliant wildlife photos.

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