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, 15 May 2013

Author Huw Morgan

The Youth Rangers have been working on one of the Trustís smaller sites, the Deneway in Westdean, Brighton. The long, narrow site is 1.5 hectares and runs between the back of suburban gardens and the London to Brighton railway line. Bought by the Trust in 1975 the site isnít open to the public and acts as an undisturbed wildlife corridor on the edge of the city. The site is an SNCI ( Site of Nature Conservation Importance ) and makes up part of a larger Local Nature Reserve.

Huw and the Youth Rangers working at The Deneway
Huw and the Youth Rangers working at The Deneway

Badgers and foxes call the site home and the Youth Rangers have spotted adders, kestrels, chiffchaffs and black caps during their sessions there. The site has a good number of elm trees and a population of white-letter hairstreak butterflies.

The group have cleared vast amounts of fly tipping from the site over the last couple of years and have opened up small glade areas to encourage basking reptiles and increase the variety of ground flora found there.

Despite the rush of trains, the site is a tranquil spot and I wonder if the commuters off to work are aware of the wildlife thriving in the urban woodland just meters away from where theyíre sitting?

Please watch Ryanís expose of the nocturnal goings on at the Deneway

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