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Mucky, Yucky, Lucky

04 June 2013 | Posted in Amanda Reeves , Author , Birds

herring gull and chick / Clive Gravett
herring gull and chick / Clive Gravett
Author Amanda Solomon

Walking through the centre of Brighton to catch the train home from work proved to be first mucky, then yucky but finally lucky for my fianc after he was targeted by a gull displaying an accuracy that would have earned him a place on the Dam Busters team.

The direct hit from above left my fianc covered literally from head to foot in smelly and copious amounts of excrement and he only had one tissue in his pocket!

To the hysterical amusement of those around him he cleaned himself up the best he could and boarded the train for Southwick.

I met him at the station as we had planned to collect the mens suits and accompanying paraphernalia for our forthcoming nuptials that evening.

He is often pooped after a long day at work but this was something else. Having exploded with laughter myself when he walked off the platform towards my car I tried to consol him with the fact that it was deemed to be extremely lucky to be hit by bird droppings.

His response was non committal.

A short detour home was needed so he could shower and change but to be honest it did little to improve his mood.

However, he had a big smile on his face after paying for his clothing as just by chance a complete stranger also queuing to pay offered him a voucher which saved him over 200.

Needless to say I am encouraging him to buy a lottery ticket this week.


  • Hazel West:

    07 Jun 2013 14:58:09

    Thank you for the laugh and many congratulations.

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