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22 March 2012 | Posted in , Wildlife Events

Author Kate Tiffin

Rather like the nesting birds on the reserve at Woods Mill, the events team is making feverish preparations for the shows and events we will be attending this year. There’s so much to do; choosing which events to attend, booking a pitch, what shall we do when we’re there, who is going to run our stall, which of our fabulous volunteers would like to come and work with us…the list goes on.

Sussex Wildlife Trust\'s event team in action / Ruth Garner
Sussex Wildlife Trust's event team in action / Ruth Garner

Our main reason for doing all this is to raise our profile with the public at large. We need to get out there meeting and talking to new people, spreading our message of ‘Taking care of Sussex’, in the hope that they will choose to support our work.

Of course, it’s great fun working at an event. We usually take a free children’s activity, such as bug hunting or seed planting, but everyone’s welcome to have a go. We meet people who have been members for over 20 years who tell us of their wildlife encounters. We meet people who have never heard of us before but are quite interested in wildlife. Frequently someone will bring us something to identify; a bone, a leaf - or something more pungent!

Check our website to find out which events we will be attending near you this year and come and say hello – we’d love to see you.

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