Dinosaur Drinks

, 09 November 2011

Author Fran Southgate


Water is a substance with amazing properties. It can be found in liquid, solid (ice) and vapour (cloud) form, it can erode and shatter solid rock, but it can still form delicate snowflakes which melt at a single touch.

Water probably first appeared on the earth about three to four billion years ago. We are probably the only planet where water exists on the surface, and therefore the only planet whose surface is partially shaped by the movement of water. So, over millions of years, water has played a major part in forming our local landscapes. Rivers have eroded through rock to form valleys, and glaciers have weighed down the earth's crust so much that when they melt, it starts to rise back up again. So water can literally move mountains!

One of the other incredible things about water on earth is that most of it is trapped within the earthís atmosphere, which means that it is constantly being recycled between land, sea and air. So there is every chance that the water in your cup of tea once touched the lips of dinosaurs!

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