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Cow Parade

26 September 2012 | Posted in Support Sussex Wildlife Trust

By Admin

Until the Cows Come Home, a new art gallery at Berwick Court Farm near Alfriston, is holding a charity auction with a difference - a CowParade of miniature cattle in aid of Sussex Wildlife Trust.

How to bid

Bids can be made at the gallery, or by email at [email protected]

Simply email Until the Cows Come Home with the name of the artist of the cow you wish to bid for, together with your bid.

Hurry, as bidding closes on 7 October.

CowParade / Until the Cows Come Home
CowParade / Until the Cows Come Home

The cows have been painted by the Gallery's artists - including Julian Sutherland-Beatson, Liz Brown, Fiona Morrison, Mark Glassman and Sarah Paget.

This mini-CowParade has been inspired by the largest and most popular public art event in the world, CowParade, which has displayed brightly painted model cows across the globe.

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