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Community Woodland

Author Kevin Lerwill

Lower Orlton's Copse / Kevin Lerwill
Lower Orlton's Copse / Kevin Lerwill

Our three year lease of Lower Orltons Copse, near Rusper is coming to an end and although we were only there for a relatively short while, it does feel a bit of a shame to pull up our sign and return the keys to the landowners, as you cant help but to have some emotional attachment to a piece of land that you have visited over the seasons and helped to manage, even in a small way.

So now the search is on for another site near us that is in a quiet rural location, but with year round vehicle access and within a half hour drive (give or take) from our office in Crawley. . . and this can include sites in Surrey as well. If you are a friendly landowner and think that you can help to provide us with a suitable location for our Forest Schools/ Wildlife Rangers and Youth Ranger groups, then I would love to hear from you on 01293 550730 or e-mail me here.

I would just like to thank Tracy, Margaret, Simon and Angus at, who kindly allowed us to use the copse and for their cooperation over the past three years. The staff at Woodlands understood straight away our aims and were very enthusiastic about the whole Community Woodland idea, as it can provide a safe, peaceful setting for a range of our activities and allows various community groups to visit the real countryside and experience, (sometimes for the first time ever), the natural world at first hand, away from vending machines, computers, light pollution, traffic and all the other artificial distractions that we have to deal with on a daily basis.

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