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  • Helping Hedgehogs

    05 May 2020

    Helping Hedgehogs

    It’s Hedgehog Awareness Week and these much-loved prickly characters need our help. No longer a common sight, hedgehogs numbers have dropped by a third in the last ten years alone. Changes to both urban and rural landscapes have made life much tougher for them but thankfully our gardens are proving to be a real stronghold.

  • Remember, remember...

    26 October 2018

    Remember, remember...

    As bonfire season approaches, please remember to check for wildlife.

  • Prickly Heat!

    02 November 2015

    Prickly Heat!

    About this time each year Roger Musselle and his wife Fleur who run Roger’s Wildlife Rescue at Woodingdean get calls from concerned members of the public who find hedgehogs with burns or other injuries or just small and underweight and not in a fit state to survive hibernation.

  • Remember, remember wildlife this 5th of November

    20 October 2015

    Remember, remember wildlife this 5th of November

    If you are planning a celebration this November, please remember to check your bonfire for wildlife. To a hedgehog or a toad a huge bonfire stack looks like a perfect place to spend the winter…

  • 06 November 2014

    Build a bottle bird feeder

    Author Richard CobdenDigital Media OfficerAs you know, here at the Sussex Wildlife Trust we are always keen to recycle and help wildlife in our gardens, so I was excited to see this brilliantly simple idea for upcycling empty plastic bottles as bird feeders.

  • 18 October 2014

    Here is a Guest Blog from Broadwater-based Hedgehog Street Champion, Catherine Amey hedgehog / Alan Baldry, Hedgehog StreetWe know that hedgehog populations are in decline. The reasons are complex and research is ongoing

  • 12 October 2014

    Spiders around your home

  • 21 August 2014


  • 24 June 2014

    Your chance to influence what happens in Sussex

    Make your voice heardAuthor Jess PriceConservation OfficerThe planning system in England exists to ensure that development is in the public interest with positive outcomes for people, the environment and the economy. It follows a plan-led system which

  • 04 February 2014

    Toad on the road

    toad crossing / Neil FletcherAuthor Jess PriceConservation OfficerThe snowdrops are out and birds are singing, spring is definitely on its way. Soon to follow will be the great migration of common toads. Toads

  • 03 January 2014

    Project Polecat

    polecat / Darin SmithAuthor Jess PriceConservation OfficerThe Vincent Wildlife Trust is undertaking the third national polecat survey and need your help collecting records.Polecats are members of the Mustelid family, which includes otter,

  • 10 December 2013

    How to feed your garden birds

    Author Neil FletcherInterpretation OfficerWe get lots of people asking us about the best way to feed garden birds."What's the best bird food?", "How do I clean my feeders?","When should I feed the birds?" , "Should I put water out?"So we have produced a couple of video guides to help you