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  • Rye Harbour Seals

    Rye Harbour Seals

    Last November local photographer Tony Ham was able to read the flipper tags on two of the seals and it’s interesting to know where they came from.

  • Your Wildlife in 2022

    Your Wildlife in 2022

    The start of the New Year is always an opportunity to begin a new project, perhaps a personal wildlife one.

  • A Drove of Ducks

    A Drove of Ducks

    Winter is the best time to see a good range of duck species at Rye Harbour.

  • Mammal mysteries

    Mammal mysteries

    Have you spotted any mysterious tracks or unexplained droppings? Solve the case with some tips from Darren Tansley, the Mammal Detective.

  • Reedbed Mice

    Reedbed Mice

    This tiny mouse lives in our reedbeds and perhaps this is its original habitat.

  • Marsh Helleborine

    Marsh Helleborine

    Marsh Helleborine is a rare plant in Britain and in Sussex it has been lost from all of its historic sites