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  • Frogspawn Fiesta

    Frogspawn Fiesta

    ​Watching a mass of tiny black tadpoles in the dappled sunlight is one of life’s great pleasures.

  • Fair Maids of February

    Fair Maids of February

    Snowdrops have been known by many names, including: fair maids of February, Mary’s tapers, Candlemas bells, white ladies, little sister of the snows, snow piercers, dingle-dangle

  • Lovely weather for swans

    Lovely weather for swans

    Berwick’s swans with their distinctive bright yellow bills have travelled from Sibera to Sussex.

  • Fill your head with wildlife

    Fill your head with wildlife

    Michael Blencowe introduces our wildlife course programme for 2018, some old favourites return and there are lots of new courses too

  • Goldcrest


    Winter is the most challenging season for our garden birds. How does a bird as tiny as a goldcrest survive?

  • Winter foxes

    Winter foxes

    Winter is the height of the mating season, and foxes are particularly vocal at the moment.

  • Festive robin

    Festive robin

    Why is the robin so strongly associated with Christmas?

  • Hawfinch


    Wintry weather brings with it an exciting chance to see some rare and unusual seasonal visitors, and this year we’ve been treated to a horde of hungry hawfinches