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  • Starling Murmurations

    Starling Murmurations

    A murmuration of starlings is one of the natural world’s most impressive spectacles, eagerly anticipated, relatively easy to see and yet intriguingly mysterious

  • On the trail of the olfactory otter

    On the trail of the olfactory otter

    Signs of otter have been spotted in Sussex - otter spraint, footprints and anal jelly. How do otters use these signs to communicate?

  • Black-headed gull

    Black-headed gull

    You might look at a black-headed gull at this time of year and wonder how on earth it got its name

  • Fallow Deer

    Fallow Deer

    The tranquillity of a woodland walk in October may well be shattered as the fallow deer rut gets underway.

  • Fungi Rainbow

    Fungi Rainbow

    Celebrate the exotic-looking colours of fungi found in Sussex for UK Fungus Day

  • Photo Competition Vote Open

    Photo Competition Vote Open

    Twelve superb wildlife and landscape images have been chosen from the hundreds entered in this year’s Sussex Wildlife Trust ‘Joy of Nature’ photo competition. Now it’s up to you to decide the overall winner and vote for your favourite by 29 October.