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  • A Wilder Future for water voles?

    A Wilder Future for water voles?

    In a healthy natural environment, water voles would be prolific and widespread. Unfortunately, Ratty is no different from most of the rest of our wildlife. Nationally, and locally, water voles have experienced severe and rapid declines - So what can we all do about it?

  • Rearing tadpoles

    Rearing tadpoles

    Rearing tadpoles is relatively simple and endlessly fascinating, and can also give the local frog population a welcome boost by helping a few more tadpoles complete their perilous transformation into miniature frogs.

  • Bee-fly


    Is it a bee? Is it a fly? Well, it’s a bee-fly!

  • Doing the moth math

    Doing the moth math

    From 2004, when I began my employment at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, to late 2018 I ran a moth trap at Lime Kiln Cottage.

  • Behind the Lens with Dr Barry Yates

    Behind the Lens with Dr Barry Yates

    Rye Harbour Nature Reserve manager Barry Yates talks to us about managing the reserve, and how he came to discover his love of wildlife photography

  • Nature Tots by the Sea

    Nature Tots by the Sea

    Learning and Engagement Officer Lucy Bowyer talks to us about Nature Tots at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve