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  • 24 April 2015

    24.04.15 Early early purple orchids.

    From Mike:"I've just seen my first early purple orchids of this year, in the woods east of Mount Harry. Has anyone else has seen them around Lewes any earlier?" Early purple orchid

  • 22 April 2015

    22.04.15 Here be damsels

    The first damselflies are starting to emerge. These large red damselflies were seen and photographed at Landport Bottom by Zoe Watson. Large red damselfly / Zoe Watson

  • 22 April 2015

    22.04.15 Sanguine heron

    From Rob:"This heron seemed remarkably sanguine about all the passers by at the Pells pond today - while one further up the Brooks took off at the distant sight of us down the river bank."

  • 22 April 2015

    22.04.15 Kite over the racecourse

    From Cintha:"Just up on the old racecourse this morning and I spotted what I am think was a red kite circling. At first I thought it was just a buzzard but the markings were different and the tail was forked. It also looked bigger than the buzzards I

  • 22 April 2015

    21.04.15 Lewes Swift Supporters

  • 19 April 2015

    17.04.15 Egypt on the Ouse

    The warm weather was still on our side as we headed out for a hike along the river Ouse looking out for our returning migrant birds (and anything else!).In the reedbeds at the Railwayland the resident Cetti's warbler and reed bunting had been joined by the first reed warbler who

  • 13 April 2015

    09.04.15 Butterfly surveys start

    Across Lewes butterfly surveyors have started their annual transect surveys. The recorders note done the species seen along sections of an established route and this builds up importantt data about our butterfly's populations, distribution and phenology ( recurring natural phenomena - in this case the emergence dates of butterfly species).Over

  • 13 April 2015

    01.04.15 A full-throated finch and a lounging lizard

    This lovely photo of a greenfinch singing on the Railwayland was sent in by Rob Read. Greenfinch / Rob ReadOur birds are certainly becoming more vocal now the temperature is starting to rise.At Lewes

  • 13 April 2015

    20.03.15 The Dull Side of the Moon

    Today's partial solar eclipse seemed like a good enough excuse to get out onto the South Downs and view one of our planet's most spectacular sights. A crowd gathered on Cliffe Bridge clutching special solar eclipse safety glasses and welding goggles but it was apparent that we weren't going to

  • 09 March 2015

    08.03.15 Spring keeps a-springin'

    The warm weekend encouraged more wildlife to emerge. Chris emailed to report:"In my garden this weekend..... small tortoiseshell & brimstone butterflies and bumblebee queens"Crispin also reported a small tortoiseshell from Kingston. Small tortoiseshell

  • 04 March 2015

    03.03.15 Deer prudence

  • 04 March 2015

    03.03.15 The Hunter in the Hedge