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  • A grand day out

    A grand day out

    Tor Lawrence meets some inspiring Sussex farmers, working hard to help keep wildlife thriving on their farms

  • Stand your ground for nature

    Stand your ground for nature

    Tor Lawrence speaks out on the the dichotomy that is Nature vs Development, highlighted by Local Authorities under the expectation of meeting nationally set housing targets, versus their ability to integrate these into the landscape, whilst valuing and embedding Nature’s Recovery in one of the most nature depleted countries in the world.

  • Turning the tide

    Turning the tide

    Today the new Nearshore Trawling Byelaw has been announced. This is a major milestone for Sussex and we are thrilled. As a result of this byelaw, trawling will be excluded from the West Sussex Nearshore waters out to 4km. Our local and national decision makers have made real space for nature.

  • Standing up for wildlife

    Standing up for wildlife

    At a time of ecological crisis, we look to our public bodies to restore nature and not perpetuate the permitted loss that has contributed to the UK’s depleted wildlife at land and at sea.

  • £450 million to sever landscapes and principles

    £450 million to sever landscapes and principles

    Today, Highways England announced its preferred option for the much-debated Arundel A27 consultation. This road leads nowhere that we want to go.

    Despite significantly cheaper and less damaging options being presented, the ‘grey route’ will cause irreparable damage to our wildlife and the Arun valley floodplain.

  • Stepping up for marine wildlife

    Stepping up for marine wildlife

    The Sussex Wildlife Trust is celebrating Marine Week and is stepping up its support for marine wildlife all along the coast of Sussex.