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  • Getting little paws out of doors

    Getting little paws out of doors

    Thanks to a joint venture between BEAR Nibbles and The Wildlife Trusts, Nature Tots across Sussex have enjoyed tucking into a delicious fruity snack and making trails of snowy paw prints.

  • Plant a kiss for Christmas

    Plant a kiss for Christmas

    December is the perfect time of year to find a mysterious plant steeped in tradition and folklore which appears to grow out of thin air.

  • Fantastic Fungi

    Fantastic Fungi

    Fungi play a vital role in breaking down organic material such as leaf litter and dead animals, returning the resulting nutrients back to the soil.

  • Flap, flap, glide; the soaring sparrowhawk

    Flap, flap, glide; the soaring sparrowhawk

    Seeing a sparrowhawk is something really special. These magnificent birds of prey are adapted to hunt smaller birds in confined spaces, twisting between the trees like an arrowhead.

  • Boxing Clever

    Boxing Clever

    Many of us like to feed the birds in our gardens, but do we think about giving them somewhere to nest close by and raise a family?

  • Every Child Wild

    Every Child Wild

    Sima Kotecha from BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, spent the morning with 12 Nature Tots aged 3-4 years and their parents. Concerned about children’s growing disconnection from the natural world, Sima was interested visit the Sussex Wildlife Trust to find out the difference between playing in the woods and going to a park or your own back garden.