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  • Courting Danger

    Courting Danger

    Most, if not all spiders employ some form of courtship when wooing a prospective partner.

  • Attack of the Eight-legged Ladies

    Attack of the Eight-legged Ladies

    This month ends with Halloween. Outside, the undead patrol the streets. My advice is to lock your doors, close your curtains and turn off the lights. But what if the very thing that you’re most terrified of is locked in the house with you?

  • Living with spiders

    Living with spiders

    Every autumn, headlines warn about spiders invading our homes. But what’s the real story with our eight-legged neighbours?

  • Eight legs good? Jumping Spiders

    Eight legs good? Jumping Spiders

    Jumping spiders may seem like a terrifying prospect but they are among the tiniest of our 650 native spider species - and arguably the cutest.

  • Britain's Heaviest Spider

    Britain's Heaviest Spider

    The Four-spotted Orbweaver Araneus quadratus is Britain’s heaviest spider, coming in at a whopping 2.5 grams.

  • Wasp Spiders

    Wasp Spiders

    The world of invertebrates is a strange one indeed. Full of illusion and deception, things are often not as they seem and a prime example of this is mimicry.

  • Surface Tension

    Surface Tension

    Great news as the UK’s largest spider has been found at a new site in Sussex

  • Into the jaws of death

    Into the jaws of death

    Female wasp spiders can be seen in Sussex hanging in their large orb-shaped web in grassland from April to October?