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  • Talking a load of rubbish!

    Talking a load of rubbish!

    Sarah Ward talks about a year of beach cleans, the importance of that for marine conservation, and is grateful for the support of Sussex Wildlife Trust’s fantastic volunteers

  • Marine Review of the Year

    Marine Review of the Year

    ​Watch Sarah Ward, the Living Seas Officer at Sussex Wildlife Trust, talks to BBC Breakfast talking about the The Wildlife Trusts’ Marine Review of the year,

  • A Cetacean Summer

    A Cetacean Summer

    It’s always exciting to see whales, dolphins and porpoises, and they are around year-round, but this summer seems to have been a bit of a ‘bumper’ year for sightings!

  • Aquatic Creepy Critters

    Aquatic Creepy Critters

    ​The oceans are full of strange and scary looking beasts, but there are some creatures which are ready to celebrate Halloween all year round!