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  • Marine creatures with feet

    Marine creatures with feet

    Feet aren’t really a body part you’d associate with creatures living in an aquatic environment; most animals swim effortlessly, drift in the current, or crawl across the sea bed. However, one group of marine animals do indeed have feet, just not in the same sense that us land-lubbers have them.

  • Help Our Kelp Q&A

    Help Our Kelp Q&A

    Dr Ian Hendy (University of Portsmouth) and Sarah Ward (Sussex Wildlife Trust) answer your questions about the exciting kelp forest restoration project

  • Black Bream Nests

    Black Bream Nests

    When we think of nests, our thoughts immediately go to birds, building intricate shelters in which to lay their eggs and rear their newborns. However, a number of fishes also create nests

  • Ideal Home: Hermit Crab

    Ideal Home: Hermit Crab

    Finding a suitable shell can be quite the challenge for a small crab in a big ocean, and this life constraint has caused a number of quite unique behaviours to have evolved in hermit crabs, allowing them to find their ideal home.

  • Living Seas marine recording round-up

    Living Seas marine recording round-up

    We have finally reached the end of 2020, and what a year it has been for all the wrong reasons. But we were lucky enough to get out and about on the shore a few times over the summer to create some videos for National Marine Week

  • All washed up

    All washed up

    ​As the winter weather arrives, we often get stormy and turbulent seas, resulting in all sorts of things washed up on our beaches.

  • Aquatic Creepy Critters

    Aquatic Creepy Critters

    ​The oceans are full of strange and scary looking beasts, but there are some creatures which are ready to celebrate Halloween all year round!