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  • Wassailing


    The wassailing rituals are a link with the past, a past when people were much more connected to the natural world around them than we are today.

  • Big flocks and loners

    Big flocks and loners

    It may be January, but our blogger urges you to go outside to check out the bird life

  • Quercus robur and Friends

    Quercus robur and Friends

    Food, shelter, support oaks provide it all for hundreds of living creatures. For us they are a thing of beauty that makes us stop for a second, take a breath and admire and then move on into the misty rain.

  • Misspent youth?

    Misspent youth?

    What got wildlife enthusiasts excited about the natural world when they were young?

  • September


    Autumn is nudging its way into our lives. It is September and already there is a chill in the air

  • My Red Kite Moment

    My Red Kite Moment

    My excitement is building again as more and more reports are being made of red kites being spotted in Sussex

  • Schools


    ​Like the children they bring, the schools that visit us here at the Seven Sisters Country Park, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We welcome every kind of school into our Pump Barn for their day out in the woods or on the park.