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  • Species of the day: Slow-worm

    Species of the day: Slow-worm

    Both the naming and look of the Slow-worm may be confusing, for it’s neither a worm nor particularly slow in its movements; nor is it a snake - as per its superficial look.

  • Species of the day: Common Lizard

    Species of the day: Common Lizard

    The Common or Viviparous Lizard is one of just three native Lizard species. Along with the leg-less Slow-Worm it’s the other you’re most likely to see

  • The Common Lizard

    The Common Lizard

    If you know where to look, there are still plenty of ‘dragons’ to be found in Sussex today…

  • Slow worm

    Slow worm

    The slow worm’s name is a bit deceptive, since it is neither slow nor a worm.

  • Legless

    Author Ronnie ReedSchools Officer grass snake in pond / Alan GreyI hate to admit it but I have a strong aversion to things that slither and slide. Ever since I was child
  • 26.04.14 Snakes and Lizards at South Malling

    As part of the DownTown Lewes project we're holding a number of events over the next few months celebrating the wildlife that can be found around the town.Today reptile expert Barry Kemp of the Sussex Amphibian and Reptile Group (SARG) gave a talk about snakes, lizards, frogs, toads and newts
  • 02.04.14 Lounge lizard

    From Sarah Rideout:"Common Lizard out sun basking near the community allotment pond. We've also seen a few very small young lizards lurking under the leaf bags."
  • 04.03.14 Adder up and at 'em

    This adder was seen enjoying the sunshine this morning on the edge of woodland to the north of Lewes. AdderThrough the winter adders hibernate underground. As we head into spring they emerge from hibernation but spend most