• £450 million to sever landscapes and principles

    £450 million to sever landscapes and principles

    Today, Highways England announced its preferred option for the much-debated Arundel A27 consultation. This road leads nowhere that we want to go.

    Despite significantly cheaper and less damaging options being presented, the ‘grey route’ will cause irreparable damage to our wildlife and the Arun valley floodplain.

  • Attack of the Eight-legged Ladies

    Attack of the Eight-legged Ladies

    This month ends with Halloween. Outside, the undead patrol the streets. My advice is to lock your doors, close your curtains and turn off the lights. But what if the very thing that you’re most terrified of is locked in the house with you?

  • Living with spiders

    Living with spiders

    Every autumn, headlines warn about spiders invading our homes. But what’s the real story with our eight-legged neighbours?

  • Bluefin Tuna

    Bluefin Tuna

    Officers at the Sussex IFCA were surprised to find an Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (Thunnus thynnus) which had washed up on the shores of Chichester Harbour.

  • Sparrowhawk


    Sparrowhawks are ambush predators, relying on the element of surprise. They are experts at appearing out of nowhere for a sudden attack, breaking cover with explosive acceleration in an attempt to snatch a surprised snack.

  • Amazing Ivy

    Amazing Ivy

    Despite all the life it supports ivy has a reputation as a killer, its roots sucking the life from the trees it surrounds. This isn’t true

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