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  • Marsh Helleborine

    Marsh Helleborine

    Marsh Helleborine is a rare plant in Britain and in Sussex it has been lost from all of its historic sites

  • Soil


    There’s a secret world beneath your feet - of soil. Charlotte Owen tells us more

  • Where are all the acorns?

    Where are all the acorns?

    Have you noticed that the Oak trees have been a bit bare this autumn? We’ve seen hardly any acorns but there were plenty last year. What’s going on? Charlotte Owen explains about mast years.

  • That old chestnut

    That old chestnut

    Charlotte Owen tells us about a tree introduced by the Romans - the sweet chestnut

  • Folklore - fleabane

    Folklore - fleabane

    Fleabane is so-called for its apparent ability to ward off fleas and throughout history it was dried, strewn or burnt in an effort to keep them at bay.

  • Bee Orchid

    Bee Orchid

    The Bee Orchid exploits male bees by promising them the one thing they value more than a good meal. The flowers do a passable impression of a stripy female bee, complete with furry body, outstretched wings and an irresistible female scent.

  • Wildflower photographer Kathryn Martin

    Wildflower photographer Kathryn Martin

    Photographer Kathryn Martin cares about the environment and began a project to identify and photograph wildflowers on a regular walk near her home in Southease, which are part of a series which form an exhibition. Some of the sales of these will support the work of Sussex Wildlife Trust.