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  • Glassworts


    they are a flowering plant with what must be the smallest of flowers.

  • Sweet Chestnuts

    Sweet Chestnuts

    The sweet chestnut tree is a common sight in the Sussex landscape, it was originally introduced here by the Romans as a source of food

  • A Precarious Lifestyle

    A Precarious Lifestyle

    Babington’s Orache is a low growing plant that has a precarious lifestyle, growing in the mobile shingle below the line of the winter storms

  • Fleabane


    It may seem like summer is on its way out but there are still some late bloomers spreading colour in the countryside.

  • Old Photos

    Old Photos

    Old photographs of the Sussex countryside can sometimes tell a good story. This one from 1947…

  • Natural Velcro

    Natural Velcro

    Lesser Burdock is a tall plant of the daisy family that has flowers with hooks or burrs.

  • Fair Maids of February

    Fair Maids of February

    Snowdrops have been known by many names, including: fair maids of February, Mary’s tapers, Candlemas bells, white ladies, little sister of the snows, snow piercers, dingle-dangle

  • Saltmarsh Colours

    Saltmarsh Colours

    ​Just as the trees change colour in the autumn, so do the plants of the saltmarsh

  • Snowdrops - a sign of spring

    Snowdrops - a sign of spring

    Snowdrops are often the first sign of spring and a sure indication that milder weather is on its way. If you are out and about in January it’s not too early to see clusters of bright white bell-shaped flowers in woodlands, parks, gardens and churchyards.