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  • "I want you to act"

    This Friday will see the first national UK student strike to protest lack of government action to combat our climate crisis and sixth mass extinction event.

  • Lost Words Update

    Lost Words Update

    The Lost Words appeal has really taken off and we are well on the way to reaching our initial target – to put a copy of the Lost Words in every state primary school across East & West Sussex, and Brighton & Hove.

  • Lost Words

    Lost Words

    Can you help us send a copy of β€˜The Lost Words’ to every primary school in Sussex?

  • 30 Days Wild this June

    30 Days Wild this June

    It’s an undisputed fact that a generation of children are growing up disconnected from nature and only one in ten children ever play in wild places - Sussex Wildlife Trust is doing something about it.

  • Take two onions

    Take two onions

    Wild garlic is a relative of the bluebell and is flowering in woodlands across Sussex

  • Shakespeare's Plants

    Shakespeare's Plants

    400 years ago, Shakespeare died, leaving a legacy of plays and sonnets. He often invoked the natural world and mentioned many plants in his work.