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  • Sea slugs

    Sea slugs

    Sea slugs, or nudibranchs, are amazing seas creatures which are often overlooked.

  • Good news for marine conservation

    Good news for marine conservation

    Well today is a Good News story. Today we almost doubled the number of Marine Conservation Zones in English waters!

  • Plastic Bags

    Plastic Bags

    On Monday 5th October 2015 the UK government introduces a long awaited plastic bag charge. To curb the use of plastic bags, shops will charge at least five pence for each bag you use, with any profits going to charity.

  • Cuttlefish eggs

    Cuttlefish eggs

    Cuttlefish eggs are often called sea-grapes as they are laid in bunches and really do look like a bunch of black grapes.

  • Sightings from the deep

    Sightings from the deep

    ​There’s been a couple of unusual sightings in Sussex recently. A pod of dolphins was seen breaching just of Brighton beach and if you’ve been watching the news you can hardly have missed the headlines announcing an ‘invasion’ of sharks into Sussex.