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  • Ponies at Burton Pond

    Ponies at Burton Pond

    ​Three Exmoor Ponies will be grazing Welch’s Common at Burton and Chingford Ponds from mid-April 2021 for 4-6 weeks.

  • Spring Bird Arrivals in Rye Bay

    Spring Bird Arrivals in Rye Bay

    ​The birdwatchers around Rye have been looking more at their local birds this year. So we thought it would be interesting to log the arrival of birds as they travel north

  • WeBS Counts

    WeBS Counts

    The Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) monitors numbers of non-breeding waterfowl in the UK.

  • Beaks in Action

    Beaks in Action

    Beak and bill are names for the same hard, pointed part of a bird’s mouth

  • You've been framed

    You've been framed

    February is largely a calendar-planning and report-writing month for ecologists, luckily Glenn had a distraction in the form of a camouflaged green box.

  • A closer look at Frogbit

    A closer look at Frogbit

    Frogbit is a floating plant of freshwater. Its leaves look like a tiny water lily, but the flowers have just three delicate white petals.