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  • Golden plover

    Golden plover

    ‘Goldies’ descend from their upland breeding grounds to form large winter flocks in sheltered spots along the coast

  • Cetti's Warbler

    Cetti's Warbler

    Cetti’s Warbler can be a frustratingly difficult bird to see - always on the move and often close to the ground. The thinning vegetation makes now a great time to try and spot one at Woods Mill.

  • The Rise of the Herons

    The Rise of the Herons

    In the early days of the nature reserve the only species of heron you were likely to see at Rye Harbour was the familiar grey heron, but now…

  • Migrant Magic

    Migrant Magic

    Autumn is a very exciting time for ‘twitchers’ when many birds are on the move with the changing season and there is an increased chance of something rare turning up on our shores. But it is not only birds that migrate: many insects do too!