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  • Fox cubs in the garden

    Fox cubs in the garden

    Fox cubs are now old enough to explore and play makes up an important part of their day

  • A Wilder Future for water voles?

    A Wilder Future for water voles?

    In a healthy natural environment, water voles would be prolific and widespread. Unfortunately, Ratty is no different from most of the rest of our wildlife. Nationally, and locally, water voles have experienced severe and rapid declines - So what can we all do about it?

  • Stoat


    The slinky stoat is a bundle of energy, always alert and highly inquisitive.

  • Otter spotted in central Sussex

    Otter spotted in central Sussex

    An eagle-eyed member of the public couldn’t believe his eyes when he caught sight of what he thought was an otter swimming in a river in central Sussex.

  • Hazel Dormouse

    Hazel Dormouse

    The hazel dormouse is well-known for being a sleepyhead, and rightly so. It will spend about six months of the year in hibernation.

  • Water Shrew

    Water Shrew

    Find out more about our only venomous mammal

  • Moles


    Sadly moles have been struggling in the recent hot weather

  • Roe deer fawns

    Roe deer fawns

    Hidden among the tall grass, a young roe deer lies perfectly still, almost invisible

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