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  • Moles


    Sadly moles have been struggling in the recent hot weather

  • Roe deer fawns

    Roe deer fawns

    Hidden among the tall grass, a young roe deer lies perfectly still, almost invisible

  • Winter foxes

    Winter foxes

    Winter is the height of the mating season, and foxes are particularly vocal at the moment.

  • On the trail of the olfactory otter

    On the trail of the olfactory otter

    Signs of otter have been spotted in Sussex - otter spraint, footprints and anal jelly. How do otters use these signs to communicate?

  • Fallow Deer

    Fallow Deer

    The tranquillity of a woodland walk in October may well be shattered as the fallow deer rut gets underway.

  • Fox cubs

    Fox cubs

    This year’s fox cubs are now starting to emerge from their dens to explore the world above ground.

  • Wood mice

    Wood mice

    There are more than 30 million wood mice in the UK – that’s one for every two humans that live here – and they can be found in almost any habitat, often close to people.

  • Badger baby boom

    Badger baby boom

    Badgers are busily spring cleaning their setts as they prepare for new arrivals.

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