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  • Stoat


    The slinky stoat is a bundle of energy, always alert and highly inquisitive.

  • Otter spotted in central Sussex

    Otter spotted in central Sussex

    An eagle-eyed member of the public couldn’t believe his eyes when he caught sight of what he thought was an otter swimming in a river in central Sussex.

  • Hazel Dormouse

    Hazel Dormouse

    The hazel dormouse is well-known for being a sleepyhead, and rightly so. It will spend about six months of the year in hibernation.

  • Water Shrew

    Water Shrew

    Find out more about our only venomous mammal

  • Moles


    Sadly moles have been struggling in the recent hot weather

  • Roe deer fawns

    Roe deer fawns

    Hidden among the tall grass, a young roe deer lies perfectly still, almost invisible

  • Winter foxes

    Winter foxes

    Winter is the height of the mating season, and foxes are particularly vocal at the moment.