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  • Nuts for Dormice

    Nuts for Dormice

    Dormice have a very particular way of eating hazelnuts that helps us to distinguish them from those nibbled by other woodland mammals such as mice and voles.

  • The Pongtastic Mr Fox

    The Pongtastic Mr Fox

    Scent is probably too delicate a word for the pungent, musky tang of fox. Charlotte Owen tells us more

  • Winter Bats

    Winter Bats

    ​In our effort to identify and understand the wildlife that lives in Sussex, bats have always been tricky to identify

  • The Pongtastic Mr Fox

    The Pongtastic Mr Fox

    Winter is a busy season for foxes. If there are any living near you – and there probably are – you’ll be well aware of just how active they are at this time of year, yapping and screaming at all hours of the night and leaving plenty of unmistakable foxy scent.

  • Trail Camera Secrets

    Trail Camera Secrets

    Trail cameras are small magical boxes that are self contained, weatherproof cameras that can see in the dark and are triggered by animal movement.

  • An evening at Castle Water

    An evening at Castle Water

    The evening is my favourite time for watching wildlife, it usually offers a special experience. I’d like to share last evening with you with these five short videos.

  • Going Bats in Sussex

    Going Bats in Sussex

    Reserves Ecologist Glenn Norris tells us about the bats of Sussex and where they can be found.