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  • Fox cubs

    Fox cubs

    This year’s fox cubs are now starting to emerge from their dens to explore the world above ground.

  • Wood mice

    Wood mice

    There are more than 30 million wood mice in the UK – that’s one for every two humans that live here – and they can be found in almost any habitat, often close to people.

  • Badger baby boom

    Badger baby boom

    Badgers are busily spring cleaning their setts as they prepare for new arrivals.

  • Fantastic Mr Fox

    Fantastic Mr Fox

    Our only wild member of the dog family, foxes are also highly adaptable and have a wide and varied diet including small mammals, earth worms, fruit and beetles

  • Bats in Sussex

    Bats in Sussex

    ​Meet some of the bats species found in Sussex in our short film

  • It's a real otter - in Sussex!

    It's a real otter - in Sussex!

    I wasn’t sure that the day would ever come when I could report that a video has been taken of a genuine, real live otter in Sussex.

  • Bat rescue

    Bat rescue

    Find out what happened when a cold, wet and hungry bat was found on the ground at Woods Mill.

  • Late summer lovin'

    Late summer lovin'

    At this time of year adult bats are turning their attention to finding a mate.