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  • Awakenings


    Our 60th anniversary creative writing anthology, ‘Awakenings’ has been published online. Thank you for all of your submissions.

  • Our creative anthology: Walking

    Our creative anthology: Walking

    After months where many of us have only left our homes for a walk, it feels only right to celebrate the steps we have taken.

  • Our creative anthology: Glossary

    Our creative anthology: Glossary

    As observers of nature we often notice the small things, the marks and texture of leaves for example, or the patterns in the bark of a tree. And it’s often the small details that can make our writing vivid, more interesting, and in many cases more beautiful.

  • Our creative anthology: Collage

    Our creative anthology: Collage

    Our anthology is gathering pace, and thank you so much for your entries so far. They’re brilliant. This week Lucy looks at collaging as a way of creating a piece of writing.

  • Our creative anthology: flash fiction writing tips

    Our creative anthology: flash fiction writing tips

    2021 is the 60th anniversary of Sussex Wildlife Trust. To celebrate this important milestone, we want to create an anthology of works, written by you. Lucy Townsend has some ideas to get you started…