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  • No Net Gain

    No Net Gain

    In recent weeks the media has reported several situations where developers are netting trees and hedgerows to prevent birds from establishing nests. So why are developers doing this?

  • Losing our priorities

    Losing our priorities

    The Arundel bypass has highlighted the disjointed way in which we as a country approach major infrastructure projects

  • Winter in the garden

    Winter in the garden

    There is a very simple way to ensure that wildlife has somewhere to hunker down during the harshest weather, and that’s to resist tidying up

  • Nature Street

    Author Laura BrookWelcome to Nature StreetWorking together as a team has taken on a new meaning at Sussex Wildlife Trust with the launch of Nature Street.We are encouraging next-door neighbours throughout the county to not just
  • Blitzing your garden

    Author Laura Brookgarden snail / Richard CobdenHow refreshing to notice something that you have never spotted before. During a familiar walk to work you might just happen to notice the beautiful architecture above the everyday
  • Calling all Garden Recorders

    Author Laura Brookladybird / Alan PriceMost people enjoy watching wildlife but how much real notice do you take of what you see? Whether it is the seasonal changes of the flowers on roadside verges, a ladybird
  • Big Wildlife Garden

    Author Laura Brookhedgehog / Gillian DayGardening and conservation policy are not often thoughts that go hand in hand when you are picking seeds to fill up your window box. However the powers on high are starting to recognise the