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  • Severing their own green finger

    Severing their own green finger

    Whitehawk Hill is one of Brighton & Hove’s most valuable wild spaces and a designated Local Nature Reserve - so why has it been earmarked for development?

  • Call to action

    Call to action

    Election manifestos are being finalised this weekend and your MP can affect what goes in them.

  • Snowdrops - a sign of spring

    Snowdrops - a sign of spring

    Snowdrops are often the first sign of spring and a sure indication that milder weather is on its way. If you are out and about in January it’s not too early to see clusters of bright white bell-shaped flowers in woodlands, parks, gardens and churchyards.

  • Eye of newt

    Eye of newt

    At Halloween, Shakespeare’s infamous spell-casting recipe reminds us of a day when our wildlife faced a whole different set of problems; mainly cauldron-based. Nowadays newts’ main worries are habitat loss, finding a mate and avoiding being eaten by a passing grass snake or bird.

  • Into the jaws of death

    Into the jaws of death

    Female wasp spiders can be seen in Sussex hanging in their large orb-shaped web in grassland from April to October?

  • Sky blue bonanza

    Sky blue bonanza

    August is a great time to go looking for the adonis blue - one of Britain’s rarest and most beautiful butterflies.

  • Happy Apple Day

    Happy Apple Day

    Celebrate National Apple Day on October 21st

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