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  • Species of the day: Starling

    Species of the day: Starling

    The Common Starling is undoubtedly one of the countries most familiar garden birds. So familiar in fact that they’re almost certainly underrated in both their beauty and abilities in song.

  • Species of the day: White Dead-nettle

    Species of the day: White Dead-nettle

    The White Dead-nettle is a very important source of nectar for bees, particularly at this time of the year, when few other nectar-producing plants are in flower.

  • Species of the day: Song Thrush

    Species of the day: Song Thrush

    The Song Thrush is one of our most familiar and popular song birds. Its distinctive, boldly charismatic repertoire has inspired people over countless generations.

  • Cetti's Warbler

    Cetti's Warbler

    Cetti’s Warbler can be a frustratingly difficult bird to see - always on the move and often close to the ground. The thinning vegetation makes now a great time to try and spot one at Woods Mill.

  • European Hornets

    European Hornets

    There’s little doubt that the European hornet is a rather fearsome looking insect. But this ferocious exterior betrays a species that is in fact rarely aggressive.

  • Willow Emerald Damselfly

    Willow Emerald Damselfly

    Commoner species of late summer dragonfly abound, but amongst the Darters and Hawkers may be the rare, slender metallic form of the Willow Emerald Damselfly.

  • Brown Hairstreak

    Brown Hairstreak

    The Brown Hairstreak is the largest of the UK’s five native Hairstreak species. Now is a great time to spot this most elusive of Butterflies at Woods Mill.

  • Wasp Spiders

    Wasp Spiders

    The world of invertebrates is a strange one indeed. Full of illusion and deception, things are often not as they seem and a prime example of this is mimicry.