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  • Kind of blue

    Kind of blue

    James Duncan explores an apparently common colour in nature, that isn’t always what it seems.

  • Shining a light on the Moths of Park Wood

    Shining a light on the Moths of Park Wood

    Park Wood is a sixty hectare site of ancient semi-natural woodland within the Wealden district of East Sussex, offering great potential for a multitude of winged nocturnal wonders

  • Animal Fight Club

    Animal Fight Club

    The weaponry possessed within the natural world has undoubtedly fascinated humans through the ages. Whether it’s horns, tusks, antlers, teeth, claws, talons, fangs or stingers; animals have developed a hugely diverse suite of weapons in order to triumph in the evolutionary arms race

  • 12 Snipe Drumming

    12 Snipe Drumming

    The festive carol ‘Twelve days of Christmas’ states that on the final day, a dozen drummers were drumming. In the avian world, those ‘drummers’ are most likely to be Common Snipe

  • Five Golden... Ring'ed Dragonflies

    Five Golden... Ring'ed Dragonflies

    Could there be a more festive species of Dragonfly than the Golden-ringed - fitting in rather nicely on day five of the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas.’

  • Species Spotlight: Waxwing

    Species Spotlight: Waxwing

    It would seem bizarre to wish for any invasion of Britain. Fortunately there’s one winter invasion that’s rather more desirable. For anybody familiar with the Waxwing, fingers will be kept firmly crossed for their arrival

  • Species Spotlight: Merlin

    Species Spotlight: Merlin

    It’s eminently possible many living in Sussex may never have seen a Merlin. For like a huge array of birds the Merlin is a migrant, a breeding inhabitant of chilly northern latitudes

  • Species Spotlight: Heather

    Species Spotlight: Heather

    The British Isles boasts one of the richest ranges of Heather species anywhere in the world, though there are three distinct and common varieties you’re most likely to see

  • Species of the day: Marbled White

    Species of the day: Marbled White

    The naming of the Marbled White would lead you to assume it as a member of the ‘White’ butterflies. Confusingly, it’s more closely related to the ‘Browns’

  • Species of the day: Roe Deer

    Species of the day: Roe Deer

    The elegant Roe Deer is one of six wild deer species that reside in Great Britain. Of these, only two are truly native, the lightweight Roe being one