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  • The Reed Dagger

    The Reed Dagger

    a rare Sussex wetland moth, the Reed Dagger,

  • Wasps


    Think ‘wasp’ and you’ll immediately picture something black and yellow and annoying, buzzing around your picnic and ready to sting at any moment, but there is more to the much-maligned wasp than first meets the eye.

  • Black and white butterflies

    Black and white butterflies

    Some of our most beautiful butterflies are the least colourful. Shying away from the garish yellow of the Brimstone and the exuberant red of the Peacock, the whites have chosen a sleek, minimalist look.

  • Caterpillars


    Caterpillars come in a huge variety of colours, shapes and sizes but there’s one thing that these Lepidopteran larvae all have in common: they’re very hungry.

  • The Magic of Moths

    The Magic of Moths

    Chris Bentley Warden of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve talks about why he loves moths

  • If you build it, they will come

    If you build it, they will come

    Around four years ago, we attempted to rejuvenate one of the fields at Woods Mill​ into something less grass dominated and more meadow-like. A sign that a project like this has become really successful though is when host-specific invertebrates turn up to feed on the their food plants.

  • Speckled Wood

    Speckled Wood

    There is a subtle beauty to the speckled wood butterfly, whose wings are patterned to perfectly mimic the gentle dance of dappled sunlight on the woodland floor.

  • Bee-fly


    Is it a bee? Is it a fly? Well, it’s a bee-fly!

  • Doing the moth math

    Doing the moth math

    From 2004, when I began my employment at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, to late 2018 I ran a moth trap at Lime Kiln Cottage.