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  • Summer butterflies

    Summer butterflies

    It’s high summer and the air is full of admirals, skippers and peacocks.

  • Dragonfly Week

    Dragonfly Week

    Dragonflies: as they dart and glide across the summer skies with a bright flash of iridescent colour and a whirr of wings, it’s easy to see how these voracious aerial predators earned their name.

  • The beautiful demoiselle

    The beautiful demoiselle

    Easily mistaken at first glance for a fluttering butterfly, the beautiful demoiselle is now on the wing.

  • Spring bumblebees

    Spring bumblebees

    You might have heard a buzz in the air and caught a glimpse of insect royalty as queen bumblebees are starting to emerge from hibernation.

  • Orange-tip butterfly

    Orange-tip butterfly

    Have you ever wondered where butterflies go to during the winter? The orange-tip is among the butterflies that survive as a chrysalis.

  • Ivy: An insect's lifeline

    Ivy: An insect's lifeline

    During the autumn, one incredibly familiar plant whose flowers become a lifeline to bees, wasps, hoverflies and butterflies - it is, of course, ivy.

  • When is a ladybird not a ladybird?

    When is a ladybird not a ladybird?

    With autumn just around the corner, ladybirds are gathering in clusters on the inside of windows or in corners of sheds preparing to hibernate.