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  • Marshmallow at Rye Harbour

    Marshmallow at Rye Harbour

    We recently told our story of Marshmallow plants and its moth to Charlotte Smith on BBC Countryfile and we collected and then spread this year’s seed at Castle Water

  • Black Poplars

    Black Poplars

    Back in 2003 we collected some saplings of Sussex Black Poplar from Wakehurst Place and with our team of volunteers planted them out at Castle Water.

  • Swallowtail Diary

    Swallowtail Diary

    This is the ongoing account of the Swallowtail butterfly at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve in 2020.

  • Naming of moths

    Naming of moths

    For centuries, moths have cast a spell of fascination and intrigue so potent they have been bestowed with some of the most beautiful, fanciful and charming names in natural history.

  • The Emperor's new clothes

    The Emperor's new clothes

    A spectacular sight with a wingspan of 10cm, the Emperor is Britain’s largest dragonfly.

  • Royal terror - the Purple Emperor

    Royal terror - the Purple Emperor

    The Purple Emperor is the holy grail of British butterflies, a truly magnificent creature capable of drawing an impressive crowd of loyal subjects all seeking an audience with His Royal Highness.

  • A New Aphid Species

    A New Aphid Species

    In May 2018 two entomologists made one of their regular visits to Rye Harbour Nature Reserve and found some aphids they were unfamiliar with.

  • Martin Kalaher's butterfly garden

    Martin Kalaher's butterfly garden

    Martin Kalaher from Storrington has created a butterfly garden and tells us about his belief that every gardener can make a bit of a difference, however small.