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  • A Day To Remember

    A Day To Remember

    I had a fantastic day last Friday with noted entomologist Steven Falk and the Wildlife Trust ecologist Graeme Lyons looking for rare bees at Castle Water.

  • Brown Hairstreak Egg Hunt

    Brown Hairstreak Egg Hunt

    It may not seem like the best time of year to be on the lookout for butterflies but there are some tiny treasures out there just waiting to be discovered.

  • Summer butterflies

    Summer butterflies

    It’s high summer and the air is full of admirals, skippers and peacocks.

  • Dragonfly Week

    Dragonfly Week

    Dragonflies: as they dart and glide across the summer skies with a bright flash of iridescent colour and a whirr of wings, it’s easy to see how these voracious aerial predators earned their name.

  • The beautiful demoiselle

    The beautiful demoiselle

    Easily mistaken at first glance for a fluttering butterfly, the beautiful demoiselle is now on the wing.

  • Spring bumblebees

    Spring bumblebees

    You might have heard a buzz in the air and caught a glimpse of insect royalty as queen bumblebees are starting to emerge from hibernation.

  • Orange-tip butterfly

    Orange-tip butterfly

    Have you ever wondered where butterflies go to during the winter? The orange-tip is among the butterflies that survive as a chrysalis.