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  • Work for Good

    Work for Good

    ​Are you a small business owner who wants to make a positive impact in your community? Use your business for good, and raise awareness of a cause you care about

  • Encouraging signs for Sussex Kelp

    Encouraging signs for Sussex Kelp

    Dr Raymond Ward is a principal lecturer in coastal environments at the University of Brighton and an avid diver. In a guest blog, Ray tells us of some encouraging signs that kelp is already starting to bounce back in our waters.

  • The humble House Sparrow

    The humble House Sparrow

    House sparrows may not be the most colourful bird in the UK, or the most impressive singer, but they’ve long been one of our favourites, because they live in such close proximity to people. Their friendly little faces are a common sight in many parks and gardens

  • Embracing Winter

    Embracing Winter

    Tilly Hopkins learns to embrace winter at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve

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