Archive of: Graeme Lyons

  • Bogey beetle

    Bogey beetle

    This nationally scarce apple-green coloured tortoise beetle has been discovered at Stedham Common for the first time.

  • Grizzled tales

    Grizzled tales

    Interesting invertebrates at Marline Valley nature reserve

  • The value of casual recording

    The value of casual recording

    The Trust’s Senior Ecologist blogs about the value of stumbling across quite a lot of good species whilst doing other things.

  • Spring into action

    Spring into action

    Graeme Lyons has been working with the volunteer group at Flatropers Wood recording wildlife

  • The Burton Mistletoe Crisis

    The Burton Mistletoe Crisis

    Mistletoe has never been recorded on a Sussex Wildlife Trust reserve, but at Burton Pond it is tantalisingly close. However when you are looking for mistletoe you never know what else might turn up…

  • A bunch of suckers

    A bunch of suckers

    Graeme Lyons is been delving into the world of leeches at Waltham Brooks nature reserve.

  • 6666 the number of beasts

    6666 the number of beasts

    Sussex Wildlife Trust’s ecologist makes more exciting finds at Graffham Common nature reserve

  • Surface Tension

    Surface Tension

    Great news as the UK’s largest spider has been found at a new site in Sussex