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  • Rye Harbour's Piscivores

    Rye Harbour's Piscivores

    November was a great month for animals that eat fish at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.

  • Sussex super-trout

    Sussex super-trout

    Charlotte Owen talks about the very different lives of the brown trout and the sea trout - which are the same species.

  • Stickleback


    There are many things to fear if youโ€™re a tadpole, but one of the most formidable tadpole predators is the stickleback.

  • Sussex super-trout

    Sussex super-trout

    November signals the start of the wild trout spawning season.

  • European eel

    European eel

    The amazing life-cycle of the eel

  • Flatfish Friday

    Flatfish Friday

    Although there are over 600 species of flatfish found worldwide, we have just a handful of them here in the sea around Sussex

  • Sharks - the world's biggest fish

    Sharks - the world's biggest fish

    Sharks have always evoked powerful emotions among humans. It seems to be a love or hate relationship, fuelled by fascination and awe or fear and mistrust respectively.

  • The smartest tiddler in the school

    The smartest tiddler in the school

    The countryside around Sussex is one big classroom โ€“ so help us to ensure that more kids get out and enjoy it - there is so much to be learned.

  • Special Sussex Fish

    Author Fran SouthgateWetlands Officer brown trout / Jack PerksAs the rain falls outside, its not such good weather for us humans any more, but its good weather for ducks, and for some of our