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  • Doing the moth math

    Doing the moth math

    From 2004, when I began my employment at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, to late 2018 I ran a moth trap at Lime Kiln Cottage.

  • The Rise of the Herons

    The Rise of the Herons

    In the early days of the nature reserve the only species of heron you were likely to see at Rye Harbour was the familiar grey heron, but now…

  • Migrant Magic

    Migrant Magic

    Autumn is a very exciting time for ‘twitchers’ when many birds are on the move with the changing season and there is an increased chance of something rare turning up on our shores. But it is not only birds that migrate: many insects do too!

  • Management for Bumblebees at Rye Harbour

    Management for Bumblebees at Rye Harbour

    Over the last five years we have been managing some of our grassland for bumblebees, and every year between May and August we have also been counting the bees to monitor the effects.

  • A Bike* of Bees

    A Bike* of Bees

    At Rye Harbour, there are two quite similar species of ‘autumn colletes’ active at the moment, ivy bee (Colletes hederae) and sea-aster bee (Colletes halophilus), also known as saltmarsh bee

  • A Day To Remember

    A Day To Remember

    I had a fantastic day last Friday with noted entomologist Steven Falk and the Wildlife Trust ecologist Graeme Lyons looking for rare bees at Castle Water.

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