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  • Ducklings


    ​It’s duckling season and while these adorable bundles of fluff can be seen paddling about on ponds across Sussex, they can also turn up in some rather more unusual locations.

  • Fox cubs in the garden

    Fox cubs in the garden

    Fox cubs are now old enough to explore and play makes up an important part of their day

  • Stickleback


    There are many things to fear if you’re a tadpole, but one of the most formidable tadpole predators is the stickleback.

  • Speckled Wood

    Speckled Wood

    There is a subtle beauty to the speckled wood butterfly, whose wings are patterned to perfectly mimic the gentle dance of dappled sunlight on the woodland floor.

  • The Common Lizard

    The Common Lizard

    If you know where to look, there are still plenty of ‘dragons’ to be found in Sussex today…

  • Nightingales


    When it comes to birdsong, the nightingale is a world famous virtuoso with a voice so powerful, melodious and varied that few other species can match it.

  • Primroses


    The pale lemon petals of the wild primrose are a welcome sign of the changing seasons.

  • Rearing tadpoles

    Rearing tadpoles

    Rearing tadpoles is relatively simple and endlessly fascinating, and can also give the local frog population a welcome boost by helping a few more tadpoles complete their perilous transformation into miniature frogs.

  • Bee-fly


    Is it a bee? Is it a fly? Well, it’s a bee-fly!

  • Wild daffodils

    Wild daffodils

    Wild daffodils may be harder to find but they do still grow in a few remaining fragments of their former range