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  • Tawny owlets - branching out

    Tawny owlets - branching out

    Tawny owls can be tricky to spot. But at this time of year, the odds are slightly improved because tawny owl chicks – or owlets – are now emerging from their tree-hole nest.

  • Cockchafer


    May is the month of the cockchafer, a big, bumbling beetle that may look and sound a bit scary but this gentle giant is just looking for love

  • Mermaid's purses

    Mermaid's purses

    Often known as mermaid’s purses, the egg cases of sharks, skates and rays can be found along the strandline.

  • Blackthorn


    Blackthorn is easily recognised at this time of year as ‘the one with all the white blossom’.

  • Brown Hairstreak Egg Hunt

    Brown Hairstreak Egg Hunt

    It may not seem like the best time of year to be on the lookout for butterflies but there are some tiny treasures out there just waiting to be discovered.

  • Lapwing


    You’ll know a lapwing if you see one thanks to the distinctive iridescent-black and white plumage and jaunty black head crest.

  • Lovely weather for swans

    Lovely weather for swans

    Berwick’s swans with their distinctive bright yellow bills have travelled from Sibera to Sussex.

  • Hibernation


    Find out why sleeping can be the best strategy to surviving the winter