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  • A partridge in a pear tree

    A partridge in a pear tree

    Concerted conservation efforts on farmland across the county could see the grey partridge thrive here once again – but we’re still unlikely to see one perching in a pear tree.

  • Stoat


    The slinky stoat is a bundle of energy, always alert and highly inquisitive.

  • Fabulous fungi

    Fabulous fungi

    Autumn reveals a wonderful array of fantastic fungi, marvellous mushrooms and tremendous toadstools.

  • Sussex super-trout

    Sussex super-trout

    November signals the start of the wild trout spawning season.

  • Golden plover

    Golden plover

    ‘Goldies’ descend from their upland breeding grounds to form large winter flocks in sheltered spots along the coast

  • Magpie


    All corvids are renowned for their cleverness but the magpie has one of the best brains in the bird world

  • Hazel Dormouse

    Hazel Dormouse

    The hazel dormouse is well-known for being a sleepyhead, and rightly so. It will spend about six months of the year in hibernation.

  • Sweet Chestnuts

    Sweet Chestnuts

    The sweet chestnut tree is a common sight in the Sussex landscape, it was originally introduced here by the Romans as a source of food

  • Remember, remember...

    Remember, remember...

    As bonfire season approaches, please remember to check for wildlife.

  • Thistle-tweaker


    The goldfinch is a beautiful little bird, almost verging on the exotic with its scarlet facemask, vibrant yellow wing feathers and chunky, parrot-like beak.