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  • Primroses


    The pale lemon petals of the wild primrose are a welcome sign of the changing seasons.

  • Rearing tadpoles

    Rearing tadpoles

    Rearing tadpoles is relatively simple and endlessly fascinating, and can also give the local frog population a welcome boost by helping a few more tadpoles complete their perilous transformation into miniature frogs.

  • Bee-fly


    Is it a bee? Is it a fly? Well, it’s a bee-fly!

  • Wild daffodils

    Wild daffodils

    Wild daffodils may be harder to find but they do still grow in a few remaining fragments of their former range

  • Ducking and diving

    Ducking and diving

    Ducks are wearing their finest feathers at this time of year. This makes it a lot easier to tell who’s who, since the mostly-brown females are helpfully accompanied by their brightly coloured mates.

  • Your frogspawn questions answered

    Your frogspawn questions answered

    Every year WildCall gets lots phone calls from people worried about the frog spawn and tadpoles in their ponds. Here are the answers to the most frequent asked frog spawn questions.

  • Hazel catkins

    Hazel catkins

    Thousands of yellow hazel catkins are ripening in the winter sunshine is one of the signs that spring isn’t too far away

  • Yew


    Sussex is home to one of the finest yew woodlands in Europe, at Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve just outside Chichester, where you can walk among some of the oldest living beings in Britain.

  • Grey squirrel courtship

    Grey squirrel courtship

    It may be the middle of winter but grey squirrels are already looking for love.