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  • Spidey senses

    Spidey senses

    Spiders may surprise you with their superpowers. They are remarkable creatures.

  • Bee Orchid

    Bee Orchid

    The Bee Orchid exploits male bees by promising them the one thing they value more than a good meal. The flowers do a passable impression of a stripy female bee, complete with furry body, outstretched wings and an irresistible female scent.

  • Budburst


    April is a month of ‘more’ - more daylight, more buds, more leaves and more flowers, with more pollen and more sneezing for us hayfever sufferers, but the natural world is springing back to life. Some say that April is named after the Latin aperere, meaning “to open”, in reference to the profusion of bursting buds, unfurling leaves and blooming blossom.