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  • Climate Emergency

    Climate Emergency

    For more than a year now, young people in the UK and beyond have been striking every Friday to demand that world leaders take decisive action on climate change. Their message is clear: this is a climate emergency, and we must act accordingly.

  • House Martin Migration

    House Martin Migration

    Swallows and martins spend their late-summer days feeding up on flying insects as they edge ever closer to the coastline, fuelling-up for their epic journey.

  • Wasps


    Think ‘wasp’ and you’ll immediately picture something black and yellow and annoying, buzzing around your picnic and ready to sting at any moment, but there is more to the much-maligned wasp than first meets the eye.

  • Where have all the garden birds gone?

    Where have all the garden birds gone?

    You may have noticed that the birds have been a bit quiet lately. After the cacophony of spring birdsong and the non-stop parenting of a busy breeding season, the garden can seem a little empty in late summer. There’s a distinct lack of singing, the feeders are no longer crowded and the branches are bare - where have all the birds gone?

  • Glow-worms


    Did you know only female Glow Worms glow?

  • Sussex Seals

    Sussex Seals

    Both seal species, Common and Grey Seals, can be seen here in Sussex

  • Starfish


    Starfish are among the most ancient life forms on the planet. The earliest fossils date back 450 million years!

  • Kingfisher


    Sleek and aerodynamic, with lightning reflexes and deadly accuracy, the kingfisher is the ultimate angler.

  • Black and white butterflies

    Black and white butterflies

    Some of our most beautiful butterflies are the least colourful. Shying away from the garish yellow of the Brimstone and the exuberant red of the Peacock, the whites have chosen a sleek, minimalist look.

  • Sundews


    The sundew is a carnivorous plant found growing in Sussex