Archive of: Charlotte Owen

  • Sussex Seals

    Sussex Seals

    Both seal species, Common and Grey Seals, can be seen here in Sussex

  • Starfish


    Starfish are among the most ancient life forms on the planet. The earliest fossils date back 450 million years!

  • Kingfisher


    Sleek and aerodynamic, with lightning reflexes and deadly accuracy, the kingfisher is the ultimate angler.

  • Black and white butterflies

    Black and white butterflies

    Some of our most beautiful butterflies are the least colourful. Shying away from the garish yellow of the Brimstone and the exuberant red of the Peacock, the whites have chosen a sleek, minimalist look.

  • Sundews


    The sundew is a carnivorous plant found growing in Sussex

  • Chalk Grassland

    Chalk Grassland

    There are few sights more spectacular than a wildflower meadow in full bloom. Packed with nectar-rich flowers and humming with insect life, these botanical hotspots will soon be looking their best and today, 6 July, marks National Meadows Day - a celebration of our glorious grasslands and the wealth of wildlife they support.

  • Caterpillars


    Caterpillars come in a huge variety of colours, shapes and sizes but there’s one thing that these Lepidopteran larvae all have in common: they’re very hungry.

  • Bank voles

    Bank voles

    The staff garden at Woods Mill is home to a healthy population of bank voles.

  • Nightingale


    Every year Nightingales make an incredible 3,000 mile journey from West Africa to the UK to breed, and Sussex is one of the best counties to listen out for them.