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  • Chaffinch


    The chaffinch can claim the title of commonest finch, and the male could easily vie for most colourful too.

  • Wood Pigeon

    Wood Pigeon

    They’re big, they’re loud and they’re everywhere – but most of us wouldn’t give a wood pigeon a second glance. But pigeons are far from boring, and even the commonest creatures have their secrets.

  • Waxcaps


    The brightly-coloured waxcaps are often thought of as the orchids of the fungi kingdom because they are so vibrant and showy, and also quite particular.

  • Pipistrelle bat

    Pipistrelle bat

    Bats are brilliant. They are the only mammals on the planet capable of powered flight, and they can navigate through the darkest night by the power of echolocation.

  • Eight legs good? Jumping Spiders

    Eight legs good? Jumping Spiders

    Jumping spiders may seem like a terrifying prospect but they are among the tiniest of our 650 native spider species - and arguably the cutest.

  • Tawny Owls become territorial

    Tawny Owls become territorial

    Tawny Owls spent the summer months doting on their youngsters, devoting every waking minute to child care. They have been perfect parents, hunting, feeding and watching over their growing brood as they gradually transformed from fluffy little owlets into fully fledged adults. But now, with the turning of the seasons comes a sudden change in tawny owl temperament from tolerant to territorial.

  • How do you tell the difference between a Stoat and a Weasel?

    How do you tell the difference between a Stoat and a Weasel?

    Most people are surprised by just how small Weasels are. They’re built on the same diminutive scale as their small mammal prey, and they’re officially Britain’s smallest carnivore. Legend has it that a Weasel can slip its head through a wedding ring, so they are easily capable of nipping into a mouse-sized burrow in pursuit of a hot meal. What they lack in size, they more than make up for in attitude.

  • Jay - the flashiest dresser of the corvid family

    Jay - the flashiest dresser of the corvid family

    The ‘black sheep’ of the corvid family is the Jay. Black and white both feature in its plumage but this colourful character has well and truly flaunted the Corvid dress code, and in the most rebellious fashion: by wearing pink.

  • Climate Emergency

    Climate Emergency

    For more than a year now, young people in the UK and beyond have been striking every Friday to demand that world leaders take decisive action on climate change. Their message is clear: this is a climate emergency, and we must act accordingly.

  • House Martin Migration

    House Martin Migration

    Swallows and martins spend their late-summer days feeding up on flying insects as they edge ever closer to the coastline, fuelling-up for their epic journey.