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  • Stonerunner


    ​A local name for ringed plover is Stonerunner, because it nests on the shingle and the adults and chicks run over the stones.

  • Lapwing


    You’ll know a lapwing if you see one thanks to the distinctive iridescent-black and white plumage and jaunty black head crest.

  • Should I stay, or should I go?

    Should I stay, or should I go?

    Colder weather is coming very soon and the ground may not thaw for many days and so what will the Golden Plovers do?

  • Lovely weather for swans

    Lovely weather for swans

    Berwick’s swans with their distinctive bright yellow bills have travelled from Sibera to Sussex.

  • Goldcrest


    Winter is the most challenging season for our garden birds. How does a bird as tiny as a goldcrest survive?

  • King of the Birds

    King of the Birds

    The diminutive wren has a reputation for being clever and secretive

  • Festive robin

    Festive robin

    Why is the robin so strongly associated with Christmas?

  • Hawfinch


    Wintry weather brings with it an exciting chance to see some rare and unusual seasonal visitors, and this year we’ve been treated to a horde of hungry hawfinches

  • Oystercatcher


    There’s no mistaking the oystercatcher, one of the largest, noisiest and arguably best dressed of our shorebirds.