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  • Cormorant


    Cormorants are supremely skilled at catching fish and will dive to depths of six metres or more in pursuit of their prey, staying submerged for a good 30 seconds before coming up for air.

  • Starlings


    Starlings spectacular star-studded winter plumage develops a glossy sheen of sumptuous purple and green iridescence for the breeding season, glistening with galactic colour.

  • Turning over a new stone

    Turning over a new stone

    The Turnstone is an expert in its field, named after its most obvious behaviour of turning stones to look for hidden prey.

  • Snow Bunting

    Snow Bunting

    The Snow Bunting, the planet’s toughest songbird, living in the Arctic Circle for much of the year. In the winter, you may be lucky enough to spot one of these plucky birds on a Sussex beach.

  • Oil on Sussex beaches

    Oil on Sussex beaches

    One aspect of our seas has greatly improved in recent years - oil dumped by shipping…

  • Chaffinch


    The chaffinch can claim the title of commonest finch, and the male could easily vie for most colourful too.

  • Wood Pigeon

    Wood Pigeon

    They’re big, they’re loud and they’re everywhere – but most of us wouldn’t give a wood pigeon a second glance. But pigeons are far from boring, and even the commonest creatures have their secrets.

  • Tawny Owls become territorial

    Tawny Owls become territorial

    Tawny Owls spent the summer months doting on their youngsters, devoting every waking minute to child care. They have been perfect parents, hunting, feeding and watching over their growing brood as they gradually transformed from fluffy little owlets into fully fledged adults. But now, with the turning of the seasons comes a sudden change in tawny owl temperament from tolerant to territorial.

  • Jay - the flashiest dresser of the corvid family

    Jay - the flashiest dresser of the corvid family

    The ‘black sheep’ of the corvid family is the Jay. Black and white both feature in its plumage but this colourful character has well and truly flaunted the Corvid dress code, and in the most rebellious fashion: by wearing pink.

  • House Martin Migration

    House Martin Migration

    Swallows and martins spend their late-summer days feeding up on flying insects as they edge ever closer to the coastline, fuelling-up for their epic journey.