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  • Ducklings


    ​It’s duckling season and while these adorable bundles of fluff can be seen paddling about on ponds across Sussex, they can also turn up in some rather more unusual locations.

  • The Warbler Factory

    The Warbler Factory

    Exciting news as Dartford Warblers holding territory in dense bramble scrub at Butcherlands

  • Short-eared owls

    Short-eared owls

    It’s been a good year for ‘shorties’ in Sussex so far this winter, so keep your eyes peeled.

  • Rye Harbour Wetlands

    Rye Harbour Wetlands

    New saltmarsh dramatically increases numbers of waders and wildfowl!

  • Mistle thrush

    Mistle thrush

    Winter is a good time to look for mistle thrush, while the trees are bare, as males tend to perch up on the highest branches to sing

  • Seven swans a-swimming

    Seven swans a-swimming

    The final birds of The Twelve Days of Christmas are seven swans a-swimming, and the mute swan can be seen swimming on almost every pond, lake and river in Sussex.

  • Six geese a-laying

    Six geese a-laying

    The sixth day of Christmas sees the arrival of six geese a-laying, which is a good excuse to talk about one of our most abundant winter visitors.

  • Two turtle doves

    Two turtle doves

    Turtle doves have long been a symbol of love and fidelity and have inspired poets, artists and musicians alike, so presenting your one true love with a bonded pair of turtle doves would be the ultimate romantic gesture – except that these birds are now heart-wrenchingly rare.

  • A partridge in a pear tree

    A partridge in a pear tree

    Concerted conservation efforts on farmland across the county could see the grey partridge thrive here once again – but we’re still unlikely to see one perching in a pear tree.