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  • Black-winged Stilt Diary 2021

    Black-winged Stilt Diary 2021

    Black-winged Stilts are a rare sight in Britain, but a pair nested at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve in 2021 for the first time.

  • Keeping the skies screaming

    Keeping the skies screaming

    During Swift Awareness Week, Emma Chaplin describes what happened when she moved to a Swift ‘hotspot’ in Lewes.

  • Mew Name Madness!

    Mew Name Madness!

    As with many of our birds, the English names of gulls are generally pretty descriptive.

  • Bird legs and feet

    Bird legs and feet

    There is such variation in the feet and legs of birds that you can sometimes recognise birds on those parts alone

  • Spring Bird Arrivals in Rye Bay

    Spring Bird Arrivals in Rye Bay

    ​The birdwatchers around Rye have been looking more at their local birds this year. So we thought it would be interesting to log the arrival of birds as they travel north

  • The humble House Sparrow

    The humble House Sparrow

    House sparrows may not be the most colourful bird in the UK, or the most impressive singer, but they’ve long been one of our favourites, because they live in such close proximity to people. Their friendly little faces are a common sight in many parks and gardens

  • Beaks in Action

    Beaks in Action

    Beak and bill are names for the same hard, pointed part of a bird’s mouth

  • ​Wheatear at Rye Harbour

    ​Wheatear at Rye Harbour

    With spring just around the corner, one of the birds that will be arriving on the reserve in early March is the Wheatear.