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  • Starling Murmurations

    Starling Murmurations

    A murmuration of starlings is one of the natural world’s most impressive spectacles, eagerly anticipated, relatively easy to see and yet intriguingly mysterious

  • Black-headed gull

    Black-headed gull

    You might look at a black-headed gull at this time of year and wonder how on earth it got its name

  • Buzzard bounce-back

    Buzzard bounce-back

    The beautiful buzzard is a common sight across Sussex, but that wasn’t always the case.

  • Rye Harbour's Little Terns

    Rye Harbour's Little Terns

    ​If there is one species associated with Rye Harbour Nature Reserve it is the Little Tern

  • Avocets take off...

    Avocets take off...

    One of the highlights on the reserve in recent years has been the increase in Avocets…

  • Ground-nesting birds

    Ground-nesting birds

    Think of a bird’s nest and your mind will probably wander high up into the branches of a tree or hedgerow – but not all birds have such lofty ambitions

  • Cuckoos


    The call of a common cuckoo is always a welcome sound but our best-known summer visitor is far less popular with some of our resident birds, thanks to its devious breeding strategy.

  • Chuffed to hear a chiffchaff

    Chuffed to hear a chiffchaff

    The chiffchaff is a bird more easily heard than seen. Helpfully, it actually sings out its own name; a repetitive “chiff-chaff-chiff-chaff”

  • Dancing grebes

    Dancing grebes

    The great crested grebe cannot fail to draw attention with its flamboyant breeding plumage and balletic courtship displays.

  • Magnificent mallards

    Magnificent mallards

    If you were asked to picture a duck, you’d probably think of a mallard.