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  • Rye Harbour's Little Terns

    Rye Harbour's Little Terns

    ​If there is one species associated with Rye Harbour Nature Reserve it is the Little Tern

  • Avocets take off...

    Avocets take off...

    One of the highlights on the reserve in recent years has been the increase in Avocets…

  • Ground-nesting birds

    Ground-nesting birds

    Think of a bird’s nest and your mind will probably wander high up into the branches of a tree or hedgerow – but not all birds have such lofty ambitions

  • Cuckoos


    The call of a common cuckoo is always a welcome sound but our best-known summer visitor is far less popular with some of our resident birds, thanks to its devious breeding strategy.

  • Chuffed to hear a chiffchaff

    Chuffed to hear a chiffchaff

    The chiffchaff is a bird more easily heard than seen. Helpfully, it actually sings out its own name; a repetitive “chiff-chaff-chiff-chaff”

  • Dancing grebes

    Dancing grebes

    The great crested grebe cannot fail to draw attention with its flamboyant breeding plumage and balletic courtship displays.

  • Magnificent mallards

    Magnificent mallards

    If you were asked to picture a duck, you’d probably think of a mallard.

  • Owl with attitude

    Owl with attitude

    Small, cute, but full of attitude, the little owl is one of the most commonly seen owls in the British countryside due to its habit of sitting on fence-posts

  • Waxwing Lyrical

    Waxwing Lyrical

    If someone said to you that Crawley was a winter wildlife watching hotspot, you might be forgiven for raising an eyebrow or two, but this recent cold spell has turned up some interesting birdlife.