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  • Lovely weather for swans

    Lovely weather for swans

    Berwick’s swans with their distinctive bright yellow bills have travelled from Sibera to Sussex.

  • Goldcrest


    Winter is the most challenging season for our garden birds. How does a bird as tiny as a goldcrest survive?

  • Festive robin

    Festive robin

    Why is the robin so strongly associated with Christmas?

  • Hawfinch


    Wintry weather brings with it an exciting chance to see some rare and unusual seasonal visitors, and this year we’ve been treated to a horde of hungry hawfinches

  • Oystercatcher


    There’s no mistaking the oystercatcher, one of the largest, noisiest and arguably best dressed of our shorebirds.

  • Winter Thrushes

    Winter Thrushes

    The seasonal influx of redwings and fieldfares heralds the start of winter

  • Hordes of Hawfinch

    Hordes of Hawfinch

    As winter arrives, a special visitor has been spotted in Sussex - the elusive hawfinch

  • Goals and Gulls

    Goals and Gulls

    ‘SEAGULLS, SEAGULLS’ is chanted in the stands but how much do you know about the gulls of Sussex?

  • Starling Murmurations

    Starling Murmurations

    A murmuration of starlings is one of the natural world’s most impressive spectacles, eagerly anticipated, relatively easy to see and yet intriguingly mysterious

  • Black-headed gull

    Black-headed gull

    You might look at a black-headed gull at this time of year and wonder how on earth it got its name