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  • Kingfisher


    Sleek and aerodynamic, with lightning reflexes and deadly accuracy, the kingfisher is the ultimate angler.

  • Waders at Rye Harbour and beyond

    Waders at Rye Harbour and beyond

    Waders are such special birds and their evocative calls can take us back to the wild places where we first heard them…

  • Nightingale


    Every year Nightingales make an incredible 3,000 mile journey from West Africa to the UK to breed, and Sussex is one of the best counties to listen out for them.

  • Ducklings


    ​It’s duckling season and while these adorable bundles of fluff can be seen paddling about on ponds across Sussex, they can also turn up in some rather more unusual locations.

  • The Warbler Factory

    The Warbler Factory

    Exciting news as Dartford Warblers holding territory in dense bramble scrub at Butcherlands

  • Short-eared owls

    Short-eared owls

    It’s been a good year for ‘shorties’ in Sussex so far this winter, so keep your eyes peeled.

  • Rye Harbour Wetlands

    Rye Harbour Wetlands

    New saltmarsh dramatically increases numbers of waders and wildfowl!

  • Mistle thrush

    Mistle thrush

    Winter is a good time to look for mistle thrush, while the trees are bare, as males tend to perch up on the highest branches to sing

  • Seven swans a-swimming

    Seven swans a-swimming

    The final birds of The Twelve Days of Christmas are seven swans a-swimming, and the mute swan can be seen swimming on almost every pond, lake and river in Sussex.