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  • Autumn Gold

    Autumn Gold

    WaderTales blogger Graham Appleton has written about Golden Plover at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.

  • How to identify birds of prey

    How to identify birds of prey

    Few birds inspire awe as often as birds of prey, those athletic aerial predators that rule the roost. We’ve put together a short introduction to five of the species you’re most likely to spot.

  • One for sorrow...

    One for sorrow...

    The chattering magpie is a bird steeped in magic and superstition. Charlotte Owen tells us more

  • Jenny wren

    Jenny wren

    The tiny bird with the huge song. Charlotte Owen tells us about the wren and its role in folklore.

  • Black-winged Stilt Diary 2021

    Black-winged Stilt Diary 2021

    Black-winged Stilts are a rare sight in Britain, but a pair nested at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve in 2021 for the first time.

  • Keeping the skies screaming

    Keeping the skies screaming

    During Swift Awareness Week, Emma Chaplin describes what happened when she moved to a Swift ‘hotspot’ in Lewes.

  • Mew Name Madness!

    Mew Name Madness!

    As with many of our birds, the English names of gulls are generally pretty descriptive.