Archive of: Barry Yates

  • Black Poplars

    Black Poplars

    Back in 2003 we collected some saplings of Sussex Black Poplar from Wakehurst Place and with our team of volunteers planted them out at Castle Water.

  • An evening at Castle Water

    An evening at Castle Water

    The evening is my favourite time for watching wildlife, it usually offers a special experience. I’d like to share last evening with you with these five short videos.

  • Blackberry Bushes

    Blackberry Bushes

    ​The Blackberry or Bramble is a member of the rose family and it is a great habitat for birds, insects and spiders - not forgetting it that it produces delicious, juicy, black berries in August and September.

  • Swallowtail Diary

    Swallowtail Diary

    This is the ongoing account of the Swallowtail butterfly at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve in 2020.

  • A New Aphid Species

    A New Aphid Species

    In May 2018 two entomologists made one of their regular visits to Rye Harbour Nature Reserve and found some aphids they were unfamiliar with.

  • A Time Machine

    A Time Machine

    The natural rhythms of the seasons, of daylight and the tides have a big influence on us and wildlife

  • April 2020 - Rye Harbour Wildlife

    April 2020 - Rye Harbour Wildlife

    This month was strange under “lockdown” with mostly just very local people out and about enjoying their restricted walks and cycling on the reserve and in such lovely weather.