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  • Should I stay, or should I go?

    Should I stay, or should I go?

    Colder weather is coming very soon and the ground may not thaw for many days and so what will the Golden Plovers do?

  • Rye Harbour's Little Terns

    Rye Harbour's Little Terns

    ​If there is one species associated with Rye Harbour Nature Reserve it is the Little Tern

  • Breeding Birds at Rye Harbour

    Breeding Birds at Rye Harbour

    With more than 90 species of bird nesting at Rye Harbour it takes the SWT team a lot of time to determine numbers of pairs and breeding success every year.

  • Patchwork Challenge

    Patchwork Challenge

    ​PWC is a friendly competition between patch birders which has been running since 2013. Late Spring Update

  • Environment Matters

    Environment Matters

    The decisions our government makes on funding, policy and priorities, affects our environment and our everyday lives. Please make sure that the people looking for your support know how much the environment means to you.

  • Destination Sussex

    Destination Sussex

    Bird migration is an amazing phenomenon of fuelling, endurance, navigation and timing. And nearly all birds seen in Sussex undertake these dangerous journeys

  • Amazing Builders

    Amazing Builders

    During the recent calm weather the shore has been littered with the delicate tubes built by marine worms

  • Spiral Flowers

    Spiral Flowers

    There are two different spiral flowers out at Rye Harbour at the moment…