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  • Spring Bird Arrivals in Rye Bay

    Spring Bird Arrivals in Rye Bay

    ​The birdwatchers around Rye have been looking more at their local birds this year. So we thought it would be interesting to log the arrival of birds as they travel north

  • A closer look at Frogbit

    A closer look at Frogbit

    Frogbit is a floating plant of freshwater. Its leaves look like a tiny water lily, but the flowers have just three delicate white petals.

  • Winter Bats

    Winter Bats

    ​In our effort to identify and understand the wildlife that lives in Sussex, bats have always been tricky to identify

  • Curlew at Rye Harbour

    Curlew at Rye Harbour

    The sound of the Curlew is distinctive and reminds me of remote parts of Britain….

  • A Year at Rye Harbour talk - Answers

    A Year at Rye Harbour talk - Answers

    During the Sussex Wildlife Trust webinar on 28th January - A Year at Rye Harbour - there were many questions and we only had chance to answer a few after the talk, so here we try to answer them all.

  • Another Ruin

    Another Ruin

    On the shore at Rye Harbour sits a ruin we call Gasson’s Ruin

  • Pallid Swift

    Pallid Swift

    On 16th November Rye Harbour Nature Reserve had a visit from a very lucky bird, a Pallid Swift.

  • Rye Harbour November Dawn

    Rye Harbour November Dawn

    On 6th November the morning forecast looked good for a dawn with cloud and sun - it turned out to be the best sunrise I have ever seen!

  • Marshmallow at Rye Harbour

    Marshmallow at Rye Harbour

    We recently told our story of Marshmallow plants and its moth to Charlotte Smith on BBC Countryfile and we collected and then spread this year’s seed at Castle Water