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  • A Time Machine

    A Time Machine

    The natural rhythms of the seasons, of daylight and the tides have a big influence on us and wildlife

  • April 2020 - Rye Harbour Wildlife

    April 2020 - Rye Harbour Wildlife

    This month was strange under “lockdown” with mostly just very local people out and about enjoying their restricted walks and cycling on the reserve and in such lovely weather.

  • Wonderful Waders

    Wonderful Waders

    Wading birds come in all sorts of size and shape.

  • Rye Harbour Quilt 2020

    Rye Harbour Quilt 2020

    A huge thank-you to everyone that supported the Rye Harbour Quilt project. It has raised nearly £5,000 for the Discovery Centre.

  • Avocets return

    Avocets return

    In the last few weeks some familiar friends have returned to Rye Harbour in good numbers for the nesting season.​

  • Slipper Limpet

    Slipper Limpet

    Along our Sussex beaches there are millions of shells of the Common Slipper Limpet - so named because the empty shells resemble tiny slippers up to 50mm long.

  • Glassworts


    they are a flowering plant with what must be the smallest of flowers.

  • Oil on Sussex beaches

    Oil on Sussex beaches

    One aspect of our seas has greatly improved in recent years - oil dumped by shipping…