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  • Ivy League

    Ivy League

    At this time of the year when relatively few plants are still in flower, Ivy is an excellent late season nectar source for many insects.

  • Climate, Oceans and Coastal Communities Conference

    Climate, Oceans and Coastal Communities Conference

    This hugely successful conference was organised by the Centre for Aquatic Environments (University of Brighton), United Nations Association (London and South East), and the Sussex Wildlife Trust, attracting over 150 delegates to the University’s Moulsecoomb campus on the 10 October 2019

  • Britain's Heaviest Spider

    Britain's Heaviest Spider

    The Four-spotted Orbweaver Araneus quadratus is Britain’s heaviest spider, coming in at a whopping 2.5 grams.

  • Golf courses fore wildlife

    Golf courses fore wildlife

    Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) currently have a golden opportunity to restore a precious area of ancient chalk downland, protecting cultural heritage and a drinking water aquifer whilst providing public access and recreation. Will they take this chance, or revert to short-term financial gain over long-term public benefit?

  • Sussex Kelp

    Sussex Kelp

    Ian Hendry from the Blue Marine Foundation writes about the Sussex Kelp initiative

  • Help Our Kelp consultation

    Help Our Kelp consultation

    Dr Sean Ashworth from Sussex IFCA writes about the public consultation on near shore trawling