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  • Species of the day: Common Frog

    Species of the day: Common Frog

    The charismatic and much-loved Common Frog is ​without doubt the most recognisable British amphibian, an unmistakable inhabitant of town and country, upland and lowland

  • Species of the day: Common Toad

    Species of the day: Common Toad

    The Common Toad is one of our two most familiar amphibians. They’re largely a secretive species that have discriminating habitat requirements including permanent water bodies for breeding

  • Froggy Friday

    Froggy Friday

    It’s frogspawn season - one of the most exciting events in nature’s calendar. We look forward to it every year, eagerly awaiting the return of the frogs to water. Will they make it safely back to the garden pond after their winter sleep, and when will they arrive? Will they spawn this year? When will it appear, and how much will there be?

  • Frogs


    Ponds across the county will soon be filling up with an army of amorous frogs, and in this case love can be a battleground

  • Rearing tadpoles

    Rearing tadpoles

    Rearing tadpoles is relatively simple and endlessly fascinating, and can also give the local frog population a welcome boost by helping a few more tadpoles complete their perilous transformation into miniature frogs.

  • Frogspawn Fiesta

    Frogspawn Fiesta

    ​Watching a mass of tiny black tadpoles in the dappled sunlight is one of life’s great pleasures.

  • Great crested newts

    Great crested newts

    Sussex is a stronghold for the great crested newt but their populations are patchily distributed and numbers are in decline, so this species remains fully protected by law to help safeguard its future.