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  • Tree Dressing Delight

    Tree Dressing Delight

    Families sang Christmas carols around the 300 year old oak tree at Woods Mill nature reserve last weekend

  • Fair Maids of February

    Fair Maids of February

    Snowdrops have been known by many names, including: fair maids of February, Mary’s tapers, Candlemas bells, white ladies, little sister of the snows, snow piercers, dingle-dangle

  • Step away from the desk

    Step away from the desk

    Sometimes it is hard to get away from the desk during the busy working day, but even a short stroll outside can reveal some amazing wildlife

  • Seize the day

    Author Amanda SolomonCommunications Manager Woods Mill / Neil FletcherMixed emotions when a member of staff leaves to move on to bigger and better things. Sadness in missing the skills and support of a respected
  • A breath of fresh air

    slow worm / Bea and Ivor MayhewAmanda SolomonIn the hustle and bustle of office life, telephones ringing, emails arriving at a rate of knots, meetings to attend and not forgetting work
  • Mucky, Yucky, Lucky

    herring gull and chick / Clive GravettAuthor Amanda SolomonWalking through the centre of Brighton to catch the train home from work proved to