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, 22 January 2014

build a birdbox build a birdbox

Author Kevin Lerwill

Gatwick Greenspace Community Wildlife Officer

People have been influenced by, inspired by and affected by the changing seasons for thousands of years. They dictate our lives and the life cycles of almost every living thing on Earth. Although the inevitability of them, combined with the slow, subtle, incremental changes mean that most of us take the seasons for granted and barely notice the changes, even as they are occurring around us.

There are some signs in the natural world, however, that are guaranteed to remind us that we live in a ever-changing world and January is when those signs begin to appear again. . . The first snowdrops, the first brimstone butterfly, a steady rise in temperature for example and of course, the lighter mornings and longer days…Surely the most obvious sign that spring is just around the corner and that we have survived another winter!

With the lighter mornings comes the dawn chorus, that glorious daily wake-up call (whether we like it or not) that tells us that the birds in our gardens are already going about their business. One of the easiest ways that you can help your feathered friends at this time of year (as well as feeding them and keeping the cat in at night) is to put up a bird box in your garden, and to give you a helping hand, here at the Gatwick Greenspace Partnership, we are holding a nest box making session at Tilgate Park Nature Centre in Crawley on Tuesday 18th February.

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Bird Box Making at Tilgate Park

Tuesday 18 February Sessions Times 10:00, 11:00, 12:00 & 13:00

Suitable for adults and for children aged 8 years and over.

Members £2 per session

Non-members £2.50 per session

Please book by clicking the appropriate session time links below:

10:00 session |11:00 session | 12:00 session | 13:00 session

or call 01273 497561[/dropshadowbox]

All tools and materials are provided, so instead of buying a ready made one from the garden centre, why not experience the satisfaction of making your own instead?

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