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Blitzing your garden

Author Laura Brook

garden snail / Richard Cobden
garden snail / Richard Cobden

How refreshing to notice something that you have never spotted before. During a familiar walk to work you might just happen to notice the beautiful architecture above the everyday facades of your local shops or a birds nest perched behind a traffic light.

Sometimes we miss things even closer to home in the privacy of our back garden. These precious spaces can have life crammed in to every nook and cranny. By noticing and recording the common, and more unusual, wildlife we see in our gardens we can really help conservation. It enables us to develop a picture over time and across the region of what is happening to our plants and animals, which is particularly important in these times of changing climate and government policies.

This weekend sees the first Garden BioBlitz, this exciting project was born in the world of Twitter where a few wildlife experts and enthusiasts got together to organise a national BioBlitz and set-up a superb website crammed with information.

What is a Garden BioBlitz?

It's a list of all the wildlife you can find in your garden over a 24 hour period. You don't need any special skills, and you don't have to "blitz" for 24hrs, just go out at different times of the day, write down what you see, take lots of photos and upload your records!

Follow Garden BioBlitz

Keep up to date with the Garden BioBlitz 2012 at the Garden BioBlitz website and on twitter@GardenBioBlitz and the hashtag #gbb12.

Also see Garden BioBlitz images on flickr.

This year is a trial for the Garden BioBlitz team but the buzz about the project has been so considerable that they can not take any further participants. It is hope that this years trial will allow them to expand and tweak the process so that next year they can run the project nationwide.

Although the Garden BioBlitz is fully subscribed, that shouldnt prevent you from getting out in your garden and taking the time to stop, look and listen. Whether youve seen a seven spot ladybird, a grass snake or a patch of autumn lady's-tresses on your lawn, remember you can send your garden records to the Sussex Wildlife Trust, via our online recording form. We will then pass these records onto the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre, which is the hub for all our biodiversity information in Sussex.

Read our Recording Garden Wildlife Factsheet to help get you started.

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