Baby Love

, 29 March 2012

tawny owl / Roger Wilmshurst
tawny owl / Roger Wilmshurst

The bird breeding season will soon be in full swing and it is quite common to find baby birds that appear to have ‘fallen’ out of the nest.

If the bird has feathers and is not in imminent danger from a road or a cat then please Do Nothing.

If it is in immediate danger then move it to a more sheltered location such as a hedge –but not too far away as the parent birds need to be able to find it to continue feeding it.

Very few garden birds manage to fly on their first attempt, in fact it is common for fledglings to spend two or three days on the ground waiting for their feathers to fully develop before they can fly. With this in mind enjoy our picture gallery of nestlings and fledglings – some of whom surely only a mother could love!


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